BOULDER, Colo. — A new $3 million ultraviolet light disinfection system was recently introduced at the wastewater treatment plant in Boulder, Colo., according to the Daily Camera.

The new system replaces chemicals to purify 12.5 million gallons of wastewater every day.

Officials said the costs are comparable, the safety factor has improved and using UV light is environmentally friendly because it prevents tons of greenhouse gas emissions from trucks transporting previously used chemicals, stated the article.

Emanuel Watson, a plant operator at the Boulder wastewater plant for five years, said the formerly used chemicals — chlorine and sulfur dioxide — were stored on site in 2,000 pound cylinders, noted the article.

"If one of the sulfur dioxide cylinders were to break open, we'd have (had) to evacuate a two mile radius," he said. "If a chlorine cylinder were to break open we'd have (had) to evacuate a five mile radius."

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