ATTLEBORO, Mass. — Officials have decided to shut down a private wastewater treatment plant in Attleboro, Mass. because of foul odors blowing into surrounding neighborhoods, according to The Sun Chronicle.  

City Health Officer Dr. Christopher Quinn has ordered NewStreamH2O to stop all operations at the plant so health officials can go in and figure out a solution for the smell, stated the article.

The close of the plant could result in its 18 workers being laid off, and the loss of income could do some serious damage to the company.

Quinn said the company has not done enough to try to eliminate the stench coming from the plant, noted the article.

"So much time has passed," he said. "Other companies have solved problems like this immediately. The odors continue as severely as they have in the past. The ball's in their court. It's up to them to abate the odors."

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