Landia Chopper Pump 'Chews' Knives at Waste-To-Energy Plant

Feb. 7, 2020
The addition of knives in catering waste presented a unique challenge for pumps at the facility.

On the 70th anniversary year of Landia inventing its Chopper Pump, even some of the company’s most experienced service engineers were recently surprised to see what its pumps and pasteurizers had to cope with at a food-waste-to-energy plant in Essex.

The unintentional addition of numerous knives in catering waste had given the Landia Chopper Pump a little more to chew on than anticipated. Yet despite the considerable challenge, the pump was undamaged, restarting immediately after service.“Back in 1950 when Landia’s Christian Oelgaard invented the Chopper Pump, he created a truly resilient piece of engineering, but I doubt he thought it would be working so effectively on a pasteurizer with knife-infested food waste," said Landia's technical sales engineer, Howard Burton.

Designed as a free-standing unit that heat-treats organic waste so the resulting thin substance can be used as an energy-efficient substrate, each Landia pasteurizer is fitted with a Landia chopper pump. Organic waste is received, liquefied, then heated to 70oC. Held at this temperature for one hour in accordance with animal by-products regulations, the pasteurized material is pumped to the next stage in closed pipes by one highly efficient process.

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