Hydranautics Releases Cloud-Based IMSDesign Simulator

Feb. 15, 2020
The new product has enhanced features, empowering customers to perform membrane projections remotely.

Hydranautics – A Nitto Group Company, launched a cloud-based membrane projection software – IMSDesign Cloud. The software is based on its popular simulator and is the company's next gen integrated membrane projection software to simulate RO, UF, and NF membrane projections in various combinations. This thoughtfully designed unique web simulator is strengthened with an array of new features that makes it a value-added tool. Users can use this auto updated tool to run projections, anytime, from anywhere and share or forward them to their colleagues and seek expert advice from Hydranautics technical experts thus making it more collaborative. 

The simulator operates from a variety of PCs or laptops or tablets running on Windows, macOS, or Android operating systems. All the projections are saved on the cloud for easy retrieval from anywhere and at any time. IMSDesign Cloud is safeguarded with latest security measures and firewall from AWS, making it a safe and secured tool.

With the system, users can enter feed pressure as input and the simulator will predict performance. which is useful in analyzing an operating system. The system can also predict performance with organic chemicals and BOD, COD, TOC in wastewater applications. 

Hydranautics will continue to update and support existing desktop version of IMSDesign until December 2022. Users will have an option to use desktop version too because calculation results from both versions will match. However, IMSDesign Cloud will offer several enhanced features and greater flexibility.