Mobile nanobubble service provides seasonal and on-demand water treatment in North America

Aug. 19, 2020
Moleaer's new service provides industries and municipalities with an on-demand solution for improving water quality, reducing operational costs and chemical consumption

Torrance, CA — Nanobubble technology company Moleaer has launched a new mobile nanobubble generator service to treat, preserve and improve water quality, irrigation water storage ponds, produced water and wastewater with nanobubbles during peak demand periods. The new trailer-mounted nanobubble system is designed for flexibility, providing short-term treatment with minimal installation and removal costs.

This system uses Moleaer’s patented nanobubble generators to inject trillions of oxygen-rich nanobubbles into water. These nanobubbles, 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt, provide a number of treatment benefits including highly efficient, low-cost oxygenation and oxidation of water bodies.

Fluctuations in production, seasonal operations and weather affect water and wastewater treatment. During warm summer months, reservoirs, storage water basins, wastewater lagoons, and produced water pits are depleted of dissolved oxygen, creating anaerobic conditions and poor water quality, requiring industrial processes to reduce production due to issues with treatment capacity.

Moleaer’s new service provides temporary oxygenation and oxidation solutions, through patented nanobubble technology that offers the ability to efficiently elevate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels while also providing high oxidation (ORP) levels through the bubbles themselves. Customers can reduce reliance on harmful chemicals and decrease the high fixed costs associated with permanent treatment systems just to meet seasonal demands.

Moleaer’s new mobile nanobubble service is available to customers across a variety of industries and is available to rent on a short or long-term basis. For more information, including features, please visit

About Moleaer

Moleaer™ is an American-based nanobubble technology company with a mission to unlock the full potential of nanobubbles to enhance and protect water, food, and natural resources. Moleaer established the nanobubble industry in the U.S. by developing the first nanobubble generator that can perform cost-effectively at municipal and industrial scale. Through partnerships with universities, Moleaer has proven that nanobubbles can solve complex industrial challenges in agriculture, horticulture, wastewater, aquatic management, and resource recovery. Moleaer has deployed nanobubble generators at more than 500 customer sites worldwide since 2016. To learn more, visit: