Eurofins Eaton Analytical to provide quality testing services to communities

Nov. 12, 2012

MONROVIA, Calif. — The EPA-funded contract has a potential value of over $8 million.

MONROVIA, Calif. — Eurofins announces that Eurofins Eaton Analytical has been selected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide water quality testing services to communities with populations below 10,000 people, according to a press release.

The EPA-funded contract has a potential value of over $8 million, noted the release.

As part of the EPA-funded contract, Eurofins Eaton Analytical will provide testing services for small systems according to the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Regulation 3 (UCMR3).

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UCMR3 is a federal monitoring requirement sponsored by the EPA as part of a program that investigates chemical, radiological and microbiological contaminant occurrence in an effort to characterize threats to drinking water, stated the release.

Approximately 800 small water systems serving U.S. communities with populations of less than 10,000 people will be required by the EPA to comply with this requirement, starting January 2013.

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Dr. Gilles Martin, CEO, said, “This contract with the largest national environmental agency in the world validates Eurofins Eaton Analytical’s technical expertise and leadership in the field of public water testing. Additionally, it is an exciting opportunity to expand our share of the U.S. water testing market going forward.”

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