ClearWater Tech to showcase products at two different shows this week

Jan. 28, 2013

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — ClearWater will showcase the CD12AD Corona Discharge Ozone Generator and Clean-In-Place Ozone System at different shows.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — ClearWater Tech can boast having ozone systems products for every water and air treatment purification situation. This week they will prove the diversity of their product roster simultaneously on both coasts beginning January 29, according to a press release.

That’s when ClearWater will showcase the CD12AD Corona Discharge Ozone Generator at the 32nd annual Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show (booth 3927) in New Jersey. Three-thousand miles away on the west coast, more company representatives will be promoting the CIP800 Clean-In-Place Ozone System at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (booth 2325), Jan. 30-31 in Sacramento, Calif.

“It will be a busy week, but these are two outstanding shows and very important for us to support,” said Cameron Tapp, president and CEO of ClearWater Tech. “The Atlantic City event is one of the largest pool shows and is one of the first major events to take place there since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey shore last October.

“We are featuring the CIP800 at the Wine Show because it is the most advanced ozone system designed for clean-in-place applications,” continued Tapp. “Vintners are using the CIP800 and our mobile ozone wash down cart as a safe and cost effective sanitizer for their wineries. This product offers a powerful alternative solution to thermal disinfection, chlorine and other traditional sanitizers used for surface disinfection.”

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The CIP800 is a complete wall-mount ozone system that helps vintners preserve the natural flavors of their wines and keep a sanitized facility, among other benefits. Ozone-enriched water sanitizes surfaces on contact and is completely safe for clean-in-place and barrel washing applications, as well as bottle washing, transfer lines and fermentation tanks.

Ozone is the most effective oxidizer commercially available. Up to 1.5 times more effective and faster acting compared to chlorine, an oxygen-based oxidizer like the CIP800 leaves no chemicals or residue behind when being used.

In New Jersey, ClearWater’s versatile CD12AD will attract attention since it is the company’s newest Corona Discharge Ozone Generator. An extension of the immensely successful Mini Series line, there is nothing like it in the marketplace. The wall mount generator offers dual ozone reaction chambers with an efficient built-in air-dryer to deliver output of 2.6 grams per hour at 8SCFH on dry air.

Compact and air-cooled, the CD12AD generator rates high marks in reliability. It has the capability as a highly technical application using real time 4-20mA control or operated in manual mode. Either way, output can be controlled from 0 to 100 percent.

“Visitors to the three-day Atlantic City show will learn the CD12AD has a wide range of applications,” Tapp said. “You can expect better sanitation with complete disinfection on contact, so it’s a great product for residential swimming pools and commercial spas. It eliminates odors, is environmentally safe, and will save time and money because it greatly reduces the need for chemicals since the disinfectant is produced on-site with no need for storage.”

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