Around the Industry – February 2013

Feb. 1, 2013

LeverEdge and ISPC make donation to Homes for Our Troops

LeverEdge and ISPC make donation to Homes for Our Troops

On December 12, 2012 LeverEdge and ISPC made a donation to Homes for Our Troops in the name of Marine Corporal Justin Gaertner to help build Justin a specially adapted new home. Justin is a double amputee after being caught in an IED blast while on routine patrol in Afghanistan in late 2010. The $10,000 donation was raised in large part in a corporate sponsored fundraising golf tournament held in November 2012.


Toray Membrane announces purchase of building for expanded growth

Toray Membrane USA Inc. (TMUS), a global membrane manufacturer for water purification and wastewater reclamation, announced the purchase of a building located adjacent to its existing manufacturing facility in Poway, Calif. Located on Thatcher Court, the building will be utilized for the company’s growing sales and storage requirements. The 15,000 square foot building will be used as a finished goods warehouse for MBR, Hollow Fine Fiber and dairy/food/beverage spiral RO and UF membrane elements. The new building also encompasses offices for the TMUS sales, marketing, customer service, applications engineering and technical service departments. With this latest expansion, TMUS now owns all three buildings on its Campus.


EPA provides update on hydraulic fracturing study  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided an update on its ongoing national study currently underway to better understand any potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water resources. Results of the study, which Congress requested EPA to complete, are expected to be released in a draft for public and peer review in 2014. The update outlines work currently underway, including the status of research projects that will inform the final study. It is important to note that while this progress report outlines the framework for the final study, it does not draw conclusions about the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water resources, which will be made in the final study. As the administration and EPA has made clear, natural gas has a central role to play in our energy future, and this important domestic fuel source has extensive economic, energy security and environmental benefits. The study EPA is currently undertaking is part of EPA’s focus to ensure that the administration continues to work to expand production of this important domestic resource safely and responsibly.


Water-Right announces addition of CustomCare Water Technologies

Water-Right Inc. announced it has acquired CustomCare Water Technologies. Both companies are family-owned and share a common belief in the importance of strong family values. All CustomCare employees will remain with the company. Under the company’s restructuring, CustomCare will now exist as a division of Water-Right. CustomCare accounts will continue to carry the CustomCare product lines and may have access to additional products from Water-Right in the future. As part of the reorganization, Water-Right will direct all operations of CustomCare to Tim Marek (past president) who will act as manager of the Commercial/Industrial Operations of Water-Right and Dan Peters who will focus on the CustomCare Dealer Organization.


Final Revised Total Coliform Rule to safeguard drinking water receives praise

A diverse group of drinking water providers and environmental and health organizations applauded a recent announcement of a revised rule to safeguard U.S. drinking water. A pre-publication copy of the final Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) was released December 20, 2012 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and will be published in the Federal Register. Significant improvements were made during the revision process, including new requirements that ensure assessment and corrective action when monitoring results indicate a potential risk of contamination exists. Environmental groups, drinking water utilities, public health advocates and regulators expressed support for the revised rule, saying it promotes best practices for keeping water safe in distribution systems while improving communication about potential health threats. Last revised in 1989, the TCR provides a regulatory framework to decrease the risk of pathogens in water reaching consumers’ taps. Among the organizations applauding the RTCR are the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA), Clean Water Action, the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC), the National Rural Water Association (NRWA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).


Transocean to pay $1.4 billion in civil and criminal fines for Clean Water Act violations

The Department of Justice announced that Transocean Deepwater Inc. has agreed to plead guilty to violating the Clean Water Act (CWA) and to pay a total of $1.4 billion in civil and criminal fines and penalties, for its conduct in relation to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The criminal information, and a proposed partial civil consent decree to resolve the U.S. government’s civil penalty claims against Transocean Deepwater Inc. and related entities were filed January 3, 2013 in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Transocean Deepwater Inc. has signed a cooperation and guilty plea agreement with the government admitting its criminal conduct.


Superb Wrench launches informational website

Superb Wrench has a new informational website for its customers. On its new site you will find a print and match feature where you can match your broken plastic wrench to one of their metal Superb Wrenches. Just visit the photo gallery and you can download the wrench size. You will also find a complete description and the exact size of every wrench they manufacture. The Superb Wrench Company has the ability to create customized wrenches, brackets and tools to fit any housing unit. Founded in 2009, Superb Wrench prides themselves in their commitment to manufacture high quality products for the water industry, while striving for excellence in customer service.


IDE signs contract to design and supply equipment for Carlsbad desalination plant

IDE Technologies Ltd. announced that it has signed a contract with Kiewit Shea Desalination to design and supply equipment for the largest seawater desalination plant in the U.S., located near the Encina Power Station in Carlsbad, Calif. The company has also signed a contract directly with Poseidon Resources for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the plant for a period of 30 years. A breakthrough for the U.S. desalination industry, the Carlsbad Project will begin construction in 2013 and produce up to 54 million gallons of fresh, high quality water per day in 2016, increasing the reliability of the region's water supply. The Carlsbad plant is a breakthrough project in the U.S. desalination industry. It follows IDE's latest technological developments in various desalination plants worldwide, especially in the pretreatment phase, resulting in higher efficiency and reduced energy consumption, as well as high quality water. The IDE solution will help the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) alleviate the water shortage problem and achieve its goal of having seven percent of the region's water supply come from seawater desalination by 2020, creating a new map of the American water market.


EPA Administrator Jackson releases statement announcing her leave

From a statement made by former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: I want to thank President Obama for the honor he bestowed on me and the confidence he placed in me four years ago this month when he announced my nomination as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. At the time I spoke about the need to address climate change, but also said there is much more on the agenda: Air pollution, toxic chemicals and children’s health issues, redevelopment and waste-site cleanup issues and justice for the communities who bear disproportionate risk. As the President said earlier this year when he addressed EPA’s employees, they help make sure the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat are safe. They help protect the environment not just for our children but their children. And they keep us moving toward energy independence … We have made historic progress on all these fronts. So, I will leave the EPA confident the ship is sailing in the right direction, and ready in my own life for new challenges, time with my family and new opportunities to make a difference. 

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