Online Exclusive: Wellspring of joy stems from a crystal clear vision

June 25, 2013

THUNDER BAY, Ontario — Volunteers save countless lives in Africa by drilling wells for clean water.

THUNDER BAY, Ontario — Vision. It’s anything but black and white. Some, while seeing the world in 20/20, only see themselves. Others may look to the world with a clear vision of how they can benefit those around them – even when they themselves are losing sight. Such is the case for Jim Gehrels, founder of Lifewater Canada, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that helps people in Third World countries.

“Lifewater Canada exists because every 15 seconds in Third World countries a child is dying before reaching the age of five,” Gehrels said. “We believe that everybody is created equal and that life is sacred. Where you are born should not determine whether you live or die.” Yet, without clean drinking water, millions of people in third world countries are dying each year.

Gehrels has never let an obstacle get him down. He is legally blind, having only five degrees of sight due to an incurable genetic disease, but has always seen the world with a clear vision. And with the help of Lone Star Drills, providing clean drinking water to help hundreds of thousands of people has been a key part of that vision.

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