Survey results are in

July 1, 2013

Each year the staff of Water Technology compiles industry data for its annual benchmarking survey.

Each year the staff of Water Technology compiles industry data for its annual benchmarking survey. Focused on issues that are critical to the success of water treatment dealers selling and marketing point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) equipment, this special issue is one that you will want to reference throughout the coming year. In addition to the survey, which starts on page 14, we also spoke to some professionals to get their reactions to some of this year’s results.

We hope you find the survey and the accompanying results helpful to grow your business. We had a great sample size and we thank all of our participants who not only help us each year with this survey, but all of our surveys. Without your valuable time and effort, these special sections would not be possible for us to present to the market.  

After looking through the survey, are there questions or specific results that you would like to see next year?

At Water Technology we like to cover the topics that you deem vital to your success. We welcome your feedback on this survey and if you would like us to include a question or a choice to our current questions, please send me an email at [email protected].

We also hope you are enjoying this summer season. As more people are partaking in outdoor activities, exercising and needing ice for picnics and parties, water quality services should be advertised on serving this demand. These months are also ideal to explore vertical market strategies. For instance, in summer months, many carwash locations emphasize water conservation and require advanced water filtration. Additionally, for indoor air quality, summer months provide clean air against allergens and impurities that might enter the home.

We also realize that summer months are the time of year when people are on the go. If you have not recently visited our mobile friendly website,, you should do so soon. Not only does the site offer new content each and every day, but archived issues as well as the current edition are also available.         

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