College sophomore creates clean water charity

Sept. 17, 2013

NEW YORK — A group from AquaAid International will travel to the village of Karahola in Nicaragua and distribute water filters to every family.

NEW YORK — In 2012, Steinhardt sophomore Sophie Hollingsworth started AquaAid International, a nonprofit organization that will provide clean water to rural Nicaragua, the Washington Square News reported.

The student founded the clean water mission after working as a deckhand on a boat during the summer of 2010; there she met a Nicaraguan, Simon Espinoza.

Hearing her coworker’s stories about Nicaragua’s shortage of clean water, Hollingsworth decided to create her own organization.

“I knew clean water was an issue, but it was never really on my radar,” Hollingsworth said. “But once I started developing this organization I just started reading everything I could on it.”

In 2014, AquaAid International will send a team to distribute water filters to every family in the Nicaraguan village of Karahola, and these filters will give the villagers access to 150 to 360 gallons of clean water every day.

The group also plans to develop a primary school curriculum that will teach children about sanitation, including handwashing and clean water.

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