Dublin water restrictions lifted after nine days

Nov. 7, 2013

DUBLIN — Severe water restrictions were put in place due to production problems at a local water treatment plant.

DUBLIN — Water restrictions that have been in place in Dublin, parts of Kildare and Wicklow since Oct. 30 have been lifted by the Dublin City Council, according to an article on RTÉ News Ireland.

Local officials inspected water levels at the Ballymore Eustace treatment plant in Kildare, which has been experiencing production problems, before lifting the restrictions, the article reported.

According to the article, a spokesperson for the plant said the reduced water has been recovered but requested that households and businesses conserve as much water as possible during the day.

"Due to cooperation of all water users, we managed to save a significant amount of water and our regional strategic storage, which was at an extremely and unsustainably low level over the past week, has improved," said a statement from the local authority.

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