OpenCEL releases new video on sludge pretreatment technology

Dec. 17, 2013

ATLANTA — The company offers technologies to help improve wastewater biosolid processing.

ATLANTA — OpenCEL, an environmental biotechnology company that offers technologies to help improve wastewater biosolid processing, has released a new video explaining their sludge pretreatment technology, according to a press release.

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OpenCEL is a proprietary cell lysis technology used primarily in anaerobic digestion and biological nutrient removal (BNR), the release noted.

Utilized for pretreating wastewater sludge prior to anaerobic digestion, the technology employs high frequency electrical pulses to break open biomass cell membranes, releasing soluble material that is more readily digested and converted to energy, reported the release.

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According to the release, this technology, called Pulsed Electric Field (PEF), has been in use for years in other applications.

Watch the new video here.