New Zealand group to bring clean water to more than 10,000 people

Jan. 2, 2014

PALMERSTON NORTH, New Zealand — Fourteen individuals from Palmerston North will install water filtration equipment in four villages in Myanmar this month.

PALMERSTON NORTH, New Zealand — Twelve members of the Rotary Club of Milson in Palmerston North and a couple from Auckland will be traveling to Myanmar to install water filtration equipment in four villages this month, according to an article by the Manawatu Standard.

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More than 1,000 Burmese school children will benefit from clean drinking water after the installations, the article reported, as the wells are located near a number of schools.

Altogether, the filtration equipment will affect about 10,000 people, according to the article.

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The self-funded club will be led by Graham Harrison, who installed water filters on a well in one village five years ago, resulting in better health in the area, the article noted.

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