Texas shrimp company uses ozone for disinfection, water oxygenation

Jan. 31, 2014

LA COSTE, Texas — NaturalShrimp has found ozone to be a cost-effective disinfection method.

LA COSTE, Texas — NaturalShrimp, a gourmet-grade shrimp company based in Texas, has found ozone disinfection to be a cost-effective way of both disinfecting water and supplying dissolved oxygen to the shrimp, according to an article by The Fish Site.

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“We use ozone for advanced water treatment,” said Doug Ernst, Ph.D., VP science and technology for NaturalShrimp. “This includes bacterial disinfection, removal of dissolved organics and removal of fine particulate solids. Otherwise, harmful bacteria and waste products can accumulate to detrimental levels in recirculating aquaculture systems.”

The ozone system from Ozone International includes plasma block ozone generators, air compressors, oxygen concentrators and internet connectivity for local and remote monitoring, reported the article.

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Oxygen provided by the gas flow from the oxygen-ozone generation system supplies dissolved oxygen to the shrimp in a cost-effective manner, noted the article.

“I see a huge future for ozone in aquaculture with a lot of emerging applications, especially in closed operations away from coastal areas,” added Ernst.

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