China sets first water pollution standard for leather and fur processing

March 4, 2014

BEIJING — Up to 45 percent of manufacturers may not be able to meet the new standard.

BEIJING — China's Ministry of Environmental Protection's first anti water pollution standard targeting the leather and fur processing industry went into effect March 1, according to an article by

The standard, GB30486-2013, aims to cut industry-related wastewater emissions to 138m tonnes from 160 tonnes per year, noted the article.

Many small manufacturers could be put out of business by this new standard, which the ministry said could be impossible to attain for 45 percent of the manufacturers, the article reported.

"These small manufacturers usually lack the necessary equipment and technology to treat waste. Big manufacturers in our province already invested heavily to control pollutants," said a director at the Hangzhou-based Zhejiang Leather Industry Association.

According to the article, reductions in chemical oxygen, ammonia nitrogen and trivalent chromium are all required by the new standard.

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