Water Technology visits EcoWater Systems LLC

Aug. 26, 2014

The water treatment manufacturer welcomed us with a tour of the manufacturing facility.

BIRMINGHAM — In July, staff members of Water Technology were invited to visit Woodbury, Minn.-based EcoWater Systems LLC for a tour of its manufacturing facility.

Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo and Sales Manager Lisa Williman were greeted by EcoWater's Steve Wilson, senior product manager, professional products.

Wilson provided a brief history of the company before heading into the 200,000-plus sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

Since 1925, EcoWater Systems has been serving the residential water market.

"We began in St. Paul, Minnesota as the Lindsay Company, where founder Lynn Lindsay was issued the first patent for a water treatment apparatus," said Wilson. "In 1988, the Lindsay, Servisoft and Miracle Water companies merged to become EcoWater Systems."

However, over the years, added Wilson, the goal has remained the same: "We want to make sure we're on the cutting edge with our products, in terms of quality and innovative features," he explained.

For example, Wilson mentioned that the company utilizes the expertise of an advisory board, which includes some of its dealers, when developing products.

Furthermore, loyal employees continue to help EcoWater bring quality and innovation to market.

"There's a lot of longevity here," said Wilson. "Some people have been working here since 1968, which is when this building opened."

See photos of our special tour below.

EcoWater has been focused on residential water treatment since 1929. This facility includes advanced technology research, product development and manufacturing.

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