Power plant ultrapure water systems to rise significantly in 2015

Sept. 2, 2014

NORTHFIELD, Ill. — McIlvaine Company predicts that power plants will invest more than $35 billion in ultrapure water systems in 2015.

NORTHFIELD, Ill. — A report released by McIlvaine Company titled, “Ultrapure Water: World Market,” predicts that power plants around the world will spend more than $35 million on ultrapure water systems, which uses the ultrapure water process of purifying water for steam generation, according to a press release.

Power plants utilize three major types of water treatment processes: Wastewater, cooling water and ultrapure water, stated the release.

Coal-fired, gas turbine combined cycle, nuclear and concentrated solar power plants all use the same technologies for purifying water converted to steam to drive the electric generator; the major difference is that only a percentage of the power is a result of steam generation in gas turbine combined cycle plants, reported the release.

The report continues that there is a need for ultrapure water in some gas turbine plants, adding that in dry hot climates water is introduced through fogging nozzles to reduce the inlet air temperature to the turbine.

The Ultrapure Water: World Market expects the investment in ultrapure water systems for coal-fired power plants in 2015 will exceed that of nuclear and gas turbine combined cycle plants, noted the release.

You can find the release here.

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