The Water Innovation Project releases new publication

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The book “Damned If We Don’t” aims to inspire water professionals to take action.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Water Innovation Project released “Damned If We Don’t” available for preorder, according to a press release.

The book is focused on water-related issues and personal stories from more than 25 authors representing a variety of ideas around better managing the industry’s relationship with water, stated the release.

Authors of “Damned If We Don’t” include, but are not limited to: Bob Sandford, EPCOR chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of the United Nations “Water for Life” Decade; Karen Kun, executive director of Toronto-based Waterlution; Dave McGimpsey, a Denver-based energy lawyer who has represented water utilities for over 15 years; and Renee M. Kayal, program director of education & training for the Water Environment Federation (WEF), reported the release.

The release noted that those interested in “Damned If We Don’t” can visit for more information, to preorder the book and/or read pre-released chapters.

“With topics that range from climate change to conservation to smart grid enhancements and water innovation, this book is a collection of viewpoints that encourage, inspire and invoke a drive to take action,” said Christopher Peacock, founder of the Water Innovation Project and publisher of the book. “Water professionals need to see how collaboration and information sharing are the smartest ways that we can save, strengthen and rebuild our fractured water sector.”

Read the entire release here.

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