Water reuse technologies for the home and business

BIRMINGHAM — In a previous Water Technology article, we wrote about what consumers should keep in mind regarding residential and commercial water reuse technologies.


BIRMINGHAM — In the article, “Selling water reuse to the uneducated consumer,” featured in a previous issue of Water Technology, we discuss what consumers need to know regarding water reuse technologies for the home and business.

In the article, we explain how water reuse can be used for residential applications other than drinking water and experts provide the following information on residential water reuse technologies:

  • Greywater systems: Take water used for bathing or washing and re-direct it to be used to flush toilets or for irrigation.
  • High efficiency reverse osmosis (RO) systems: Waste little, if any, water due to a reuse process.
  • Rain water collection systems: Capture rain water for household uses such as taking showers, washing cars or watering household plants.

With regards to commercial water reuse, further opportunities are available — especially for businesses producing a large amount of wastewater. One expert shares a few commercial water reuse technology options to keep in mind:

  • Membrane filtration (UF): For pathogen and particulate removal.
  • RO: For salt and mineral removal.
  • Ozone: For advanced disinfection and trace organics/pharmaceuticals removal.
  • Activated carbon: For effluent polishing.

You can find the entire article on commercial and residential water reuse technologies and how to educate consumers on the benefits of reuse here.

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