Flint issues notice of disinfection byproducts in the city’s water system

FLINT, Mich. — The city of Flint’s notice reported that the water is safe to drink but warns of “increased risk” for the elderly, infants and those with “severely compromised immune systems.”


FLINT, Mich. — The city of Flint, Michigan, stated that an excess level of disinfection byproducts have been present in the city’s water system, according to a news release provided by www.mlive.com.

The Flint notice noted that the city water is safe to drink but warns those with "severely compromised immune systems," infants and the elderly may face an "increased risk” and should seek advice regarding drinking water from their healthcare providers, stated the release.

The city notice reported that for all other consumers, there is no need to take further action or boil the water, continued the release.

The release reported that the notice follows the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s notice of violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) for maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for trihalomethanes (THMs).

A statement released by Flint officials reported that actions have "appeared to have corrected known compliance issues" with the water system including the SDWA violation of the MCL of THM, noted the release.

Read the entire release here.

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