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BIRMINGHAM — We strive to provide our readers with multiple forums for discussion about any water-related needs, and our Bulletin Board has continuously been a resource for industry professionals to discuss and brainstorm various issues.

A broad assortment of water-related topics can be found on our Bulletin Board, with discussions ranging from removing various contaminants from water to knowing which water-related conferences and events to attend.

Post pictures, share stories, ask questions and connect with peers by communicating through our online community!

Check out a few discussions on our Bulletin Board, and start connecting with others within, or interested in, the water industry today.

  • User tbone8 tested well water and now needs to know a good treatment system to install. Can you help offer a few more suggestions? Click here to read tbone8’s post.
  • Back in 2006, user Leon Stepanian asked for suggestions to remove air bubbles in water. This discussion is still going on nine years later. Do you have any updated information to offer this discussion, or just want to read a few recommendations? Check out the post here.
  • Our very own Technical Editor Dr. Joseph Cotruvo weighed in on user ashsey’s inquiry over UV treatment causing a plastic-like smell in the water. See if you have any tips, or read Cotruvo’s response. You can find ashsey’s post here.

A few of our forum users are still seeking advice. Peruse through their posts to see if you have the answers they are searching for:

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