NSF International awards landfill-free verification to SWS

Feb. 20, 2015

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The landfill-free verification means more than 99 percent of the waste generated by Sustainable Waste Solutions (SWS) never reaches a landfill and is recycled, reused or processed as waste to energy.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — NSF Sustainability, a division of NSF International, awarded Sustainable Waste Solutions (SWS) landfill-free verification, according to a press release.

Landfill-free verification means more than 99 percent of waste generated by SWS is reused, processed as waste to energy or recycled, never reaching a landfill, stated the release.

NSF International’s independent landfill-free verification, reported the release, enables companies to demonstrate less than one percent of their process waste goes to a landfill for disposal, and the companies also have documented waste management procedures and trainings.

The landfill-free verification also has other requirements needed to qualify, including: Employee and contracting training, facility audits to ensure procedures are in place, retaining documentation and tracking all waste streams, maintaining containers to manage waste and establishing an electronic waste management program, continued the release.

SWS provides an expansive variety of recycling, waste and reuse services to its customers, serving several industries including automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, defense and more, noted the release.

“Waste management is a critical issue that drives significant cost and operational complexity. Leading organizations like Sustainable Waste Solutions are addressing the challenge through third-party verified zero-waste-to-landfill or landfill-free programs,” said NSF Sustainability General Manager Tom Bruursema.

You can find the release here.

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