Company to manage one of world’s largest treatment plants

Sept. 1, 2015

The facility will serve 5.5 million people when completed.

MADRID — Aug. 31, 2015 — FCC Aqualia will design, construct and operate the new Abu Rawash treatment plant in Cairo, Egypt, after its completion, according to a press release.

The plant will treat 1.6 million cubic meters of water every day to serve 5.5 million people, noted the release. The contract, worth 2.4 billion euros, is the largest ever awarded to the company’s water management subsidiary, Aqualia New Europe.

Orascom Construction Industries, Veolia and local business ICAT are also involved in the project, stated the release. The EBRD, the World Bank and the Egyptian Bank have backed the plan.

The current plant will receive an expansion of biological treatment facilities "with a capacity for 1.2 million cubic meters and the scaling-up to 1.6 million cubic meters of water treated daily," reported the release.

The contract marks the company’s second large-scale project in Egypt, shared the release. It won a 2010 contract to design, construct and operate the new Cairo wastewater treatment plant for 20 years. The contract was also the first in the country for a collaborative public-private parternship.

The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals includes the improvement of sanitation and water purification systems, noted the release.

FCC Aqualia operates 320 wastewater treatment facilities on hour continents, added the release. It works on research and development initiatives to implement new technologies in its processes.