‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ encourages infrastructure investment

Oct. 6, 2015

The effort includes events, policy resolutions, social media campaigns and more to educate and engage the public.

WATERTOWN, Mass. — Oct. 5, 2015 — The Value of Water Coalition emphasizes the importance of water in people’s daily lives during its "Imagine a Day Without Water" event Oct. 6-8, according to a press release.

Water is an integral part of homes, businesses and the environment, stated the release. The event highlights the need to care for our water infrastructure.

"Many North Americans take for granted our water and the remarkable water systems that deliver it to our homes and businesses, carry it away to be cleaned, and ultimately return it to the environment. But the series of news articles just published by the Associated Press clearly demonstrates why we must continue to raise the conversation about buried water infrastructure above ground," said American Water Works Association (AWWA) President Gene Koontz in the release.

"Our water and wastewater systems are aging and in need of investment," continued Koontz in the release. "AWWA’s 2012 Buried No Longer report put the collective cost at more than $1 trillion over 25 years for drinking water pipes alone. We owe it to future generations to act today."

The effort includes events, policy resolutions, social media campaigns and more to educate and engage the public, according to imagineadaywithoutwater.org. The website encourages elected officials, advocates, engineers and others to join the initiative.

“It’s difficult to imagine even a single day without water. The simplest acts we enjoy – making fresh coffee, cleaning the kitchen, flushing our toilets, bathing our children – all these things depend on a sufficient water supply and reliable water service," shared Koontz in the release. "A day without water would be devastating to our local businesses and broader economy. The public health would be immediately at risk without efficient wastewater treatment, and the natural environment would suffer.

“Fortunately, it’s a rare occasion when a North American community goes without water so it’s easy to forget about our most precious resource. But the first step to recognizing the value of water is to imagine life without it. During ‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ and beyond, the American Water Works Association encourages everyone to recognize the essential nature of water in our lives and to advocate for strong, healthy water systems," Koontz concluded in the release.

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