Coal to liquid fuels plant to employ zero liquid discharge technology

Oct. 27, 2015

The facility will recycle more than 55 million liters of wastewater per day, eliminating all of its wastewater discharge.

GUANGZHOU, China — Oct. 20, 2015 — Under a new contract, Aquatech will supply zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology to Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Co. Ltd., a division of Shenhua Group, according to a press release.

The ZLD plant is included in a water treatment facility that is part of a coal to liquid (CTL) fuels conversation project, noted the release. It will recycle more than 55 million liters of wastewater per day, eliminating all of the CTL facility’s wastewater discharge.

Aquatech will design, engineer, and supply the facility with a process to treat the water to a high purity level to be reused in the plant, stated the release. The process to be used was developed for the CTX market and uses conventional UFRO, HERO (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis), Unseeded Falling Film evaporators and crystallizers. The recycled water will be post-treated with an ion exchange process.

Shenhua will comply with statutory regulations and minimize its water footprint through the project, reported the release. Coal conversion can use as many as 10 tons of freshwater for 1 ton of coal-derived fuel.

“As an industry leader in zero liquid discharge, Aquatech was awarded this project based on our extensive experience in achieving consistently higher recoveries from difficult wastewater cost effectively as well as reliably," said Tom Tseng, Aquatech China general manager, in the release. "We have previous experience and strong operating installations in projects under similar conditions in China. This project strengthens our position as a leader in ZLD, especially in this part of the world."

You can find the entire release here.

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