Podcast: How diamond is used in wastewater treatment applications

The material is effective in wastewater treatment for several key reasons.


Water Technology Group Digital Associate Editor Robyn Tucker spoke with Dr. Tim Mollart, senior applications engineer at Element Six Group, about water treatment applications for the boron doped diamond, which his company manufactures.

Applications include caustic wastewater from oil refining activities, textile waters where de-coloring is desired, toxic pharmaceutical wastewater, landfill leachate which can include ammonia and nitrates. "It’s the fact that diamond is a catch-all advanced oxidation treatment process that’s really key here," said Mollart.

Boron diamond is effective for three key reasons:

  1. It suppresses the oxygen gas generation whilst generating a hydroxyl radical.
  2. It is chemically inert.
  3. You can operate the systems at extremely high-power density and extremely high efficiency.

Click here for more information about boron doped diamond, including its properties and how it is manufactured.

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