Moleaer enhances brewery’s MBR; Fluence to deliver ZLD system in US; Mitsubishi Electric talks automation

April 30, 2018

Industry news roundup: Moleaer enhances performance of brewery’s membrane bioreactor; Fluence wins contract for ZLD system in California; Mitsubishi Electric presents water automation solutions at IFAT.

Moleaer enhances performance of brewery’s membrane bioreactor

Moleaer Inc., a manufacturer of nanobubble generators for aeration in liquid-gas mixing applications, was selected by beer brewer Bear Republic to enhance its existing membrane bioreactor (MBR) with the Moleaer XTB Nanobubble Generator. Bear Republic, headquartered in northern California, utilizes an anaerobic process combined with an MBR system to treat its wastewater. The Moleaer XTB was installed to improve the aeration efficiency of the MBR by delivering superior oxygen transfer through a stable reserve of oxygen-enriched nanobubbles.

"After installing the 5 HP Moleaer system, the improvement in the dissolved oxygen levels was immediate and consistently remained between 1.2 and 6 ppm," said David Woychik, plant operator at Bear Republic. "The foaming also decreased dramatically, and we reduced our usage of chemical defoamers, enabling us to achieve an attractive ROI with the Moleaer XTB system."

Fluence wins contract for ZLD system in California

Fluence Corporation Limited announced it received a contract to deliver a water treatment reuse system to its customer Rosenblad Design Group. Fluence’s zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solution will utilize ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis equipment to treat brine for reuse. The system will be integrated and used as part of a larger turnkey water treatment project Rosenblad is installing in California — one of the largest water and wastewater treatment markets for Fluence. This will be Fluence’s first ZLD system in the continental U.S., and it is significant for its location in California where local government continues to implement restrictions on water consumption. The water reuse system has benefits to the end user beyond environmental, including the reduction of costly waste management and the increase in product recovery, capturing maximum utility from its resources. The Fluence system is expected to be delivered, installed and operational on-site by the end of 2018.

Mitsubishi Electric presents water automation solutions at IFAT 2018

At the IFAT 2018 exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric will present its approach to meeting efficiency requirements of the water industry. Operating as a partner to provide life-cycle solutions for water treatment, Mitsubishi Electric is employing core technologies from its factory automation portfolio. Customers looking to advance water distribution and wastewater processing by applying integrated technologies in a flexible way, reducing costs and boosting service levels and profitability can talk to industry experts at the exhibition.

As one example of an integrated control approach for water supply, the Aquatoria platform optimizes system pressure by automatically synchronizing individual pump assets to achieve supply pressure consistency and enhance pump efficiency. The results are a reduction in maintenance activities and cost, as well as water losses and energy usage, which lead to an improvement in consumer service levels.

Providing a flexible solution for efficient process visualization and management of complete water supply and wastewater treatment plants, Mitsubishi Electric’s latest distributed control system (DCS) will be on display. New solutions for safe, stable and reliable energy supply, as well as a Smart Conditioning Monitoring concept utilizing advanced predictive maintenance functions will also be presented.

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