IFAT highlights: Veolia’s digital platform; De Nora’s treatment products; Linde’s gas-enabled processes

May 4, 2018

Industry news roundup: At IFAT 2018, Veolia highlights its platform of digital services; De Nora showcases water treatment products and applications; and Linde presents gas-enabled processes for treating water.

Veolia to highlight its AQUAVISTA platform of digital services at IFAT

IFAT is a leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. This year, Veolia Water Technologies’ booth will feature digital services, along with the company’s key processes and services for wastewater and sludge treatment. IFAT 2018 is in Munich, Germany, May 14-18.

Veolia Water Technologies recently unveiled its AQUAVISTA platform of digital services. This new cloud-based platform allows municipalities and industrials to manage their water treatment systems in a smarter and more efficient way over a period of time. Veolia Water Technologies is working to make all of its technologies and equipment Aquavista-enabled.

Veolia Water Technologies will also demonstrate its water treatment technologies such as the Hydrotech filters, Biothane biogas-producing anaerobic processes, Evaled evaporators for zero liquid discharge and Actiflo high-rate ballasted clarifier  at the booth. For sludge treatment, Veolia will show demo units of its continuous thermal hydrolysis process, Exelys, and its low-temperature sludge drying process, Biocon.

De Nora to showcase innovative water treatment products and applications

De Nora will demonstrate its water and wastewater capabilities at IFAT with featured products including Capital Controls ozone generators. Installed in more than 1,300 locations, this technology brings 48 years of design and installation experience across a range of disinfection and oxidation applications. DE NORA TETRA, a brand in water and wastewater filtration, will be represented with its LP and SNAP-T Blocks, which feature a patented design to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. The ClorTec DN is De Nora’s newest development of its premier on-site hypochlorite generating system — a cost-effective and safe alternative disinfection treatment method. The Capital Controls MicroChem 3 multi-parameter water analysis system will analyze live samples at the booth.

Linde presents gas-enabled application technologies for treating water

Linde will spotlight three of its latest innovations at IFAT: the OZORA oxygen recovery solution, SOLVOCARB venturi for the efficient and safe injection of carbon dioxide into wastewater, and the compact SOLVOX mobile oxygen enrichment module for aerobic treatment.

Linde’s OZORA enables up to 60 percent of the oxygen used for ozone generation to be recovered, which translates into savings, in particular for ozone flow rates in excess of around 20 kg/h. This technology has been jointly tested and validated with SUEZ.

Linde developed its SOLVOCARB portfolio of tailored gas supply concepts and high-performance application technologies specifically to inject carbon dioxide into water, where it forms the neutralizing agent carbonic acid. The new SOLVOCARB venturi CO2 injection system is the latest addition to the portfolio.

Linde will also showcase its lightweight SOLVOX mobile oxygen dissolver module designed to give small to medium-sized industrial wastewater treatment plant operators the flexibility to bridge peak loads and maintenance downtime. Its free-floating design means operators can install it quickly and easily without a crane — even in challenging-shaped basins. SOLVOX mobile also features minimal energy costs.