WPL wins contract; Wilo introduces replacement parts program; ValvTechnologies appoints Anselmo

May 14, 2018

Industry news roundup: WPL wins wastewater contract for Marlow Foods plant; Wilo introduces program for replacement pump parts; ValvTechnologies appoints Anselmo as VP, Key Accounts.

WPL wins wastewater contract for Marlow Foods plant

WPL won the contract for wastewater treatment equipment to support expansion of the Quorn production line for Marlow Foods’ Teesside, U.K., plant. WPL will supply two WPL Lamella Separator tanks and chemical dosing equipment, which will also help the Quorn facility meet a tighter discharge consent for phosphate, nitrogen and suspended solids issued by the Environment Agency to ensure the site is compliant with the European Water Framework Directive. The equipment will handle a maximum flow rate of 54 m3/hour and a maximum of 400 mg/l total suspended solids.

Lamella separator tanks are used to help in removing suspended solids from industrial wastewater. They are ideal where space is at a premium because the physical footprint is as low as 10 percent of that required for a conical sedimentation tank. Continued research and development has led to the improved design of the WPL Lamella Separator, which results in up to 95 percent efficiency. The system now benefits from intake via a central channel, allowing a calmed, even flow to travel through both inclined plate packs. Discharge is via a full-length V-notch channel that sits on either side of the WPL Lamella Separator. This reduces the outfall velocity and results in a lower volume of suspended solids being retained in the final discharge.

Along with the WPL Lamella Separator tanks to be delivered to site in April 2018, WPL will supply a flow splitter, a poly-dosing unit for liquid polymer and a polyaluminium chloride (PAC) dosing unit with a duty dosing pump. The chemicals will be supplied by a third-party. WPL will also provide design plans for the WPL Lamella Separator tank and carry out on-site training and commissioning of the plant to ensure operators have a full understanding of the plant’s products and processes prior to handover.

Wilo introduces program for replacement pump parts

Wilo USA launched a new program for the ordering and fulfillment of its FA model submersible sewage pumps that decreases lead time and simplifies the process. The new program features two types of standard kits for both oiled and oil-less motors, the Power Kit and the Hydraulic Kit, for select FA pumps ranging from 2.8 to 25 horsepower. The program is expected to reduce the lead time to the customer by allowing the local authorized distributor to configure complete pumps within as little as 24 hours. The initial kit rollout encompasses models 08.52, 10.33, 10.51 and 10.65, and additional kits will be developed and released. The Power Kit features the pump motor and necessary cables, while the Hydraulic Kit features a volute kit, suction cover (if applicable) and an impeller kit that includes a full-size unbalanced impeller for the distributor to trim and balance per the customer’s specifications. Each kit is shipped in custom-fitted packaging for protection during transit. Additionally, motor boxes use special inserts to support the motor weight and are mounted to a mini-skid for security during handling.

ValvTechnologies appoints Anselmo as VP, Key Accounts

ValvTechnologies Inc. announced the appointment of Ron Anselmo as vice president of Key Accounts. Based in the Houston area, Anselmo will have senior management responsibility for sales growth through the development and management of executive, technical and commercial relationships for key accounts with major customers, licensors and engineering firms.With more than 30 years in the refining, gasification and power businesses, he brings global energy and business expertise and sales experience to the company.

Anselmo started his career with Amoco Oil and held leadership roles in engineering, operations, maintenance, project management and construction. He was a GE global commercial sales leader for strategic development and licensing of large complex integrated combined cycle gasification facilities. Most recently, Anselmo was with Calpine Corporation where he was responsible for power plant project development, design, thermal modeling, combustion turbine and heat recovery steam system equipment purchases and engineering procurement and construction commercial partnering. Anselmo studied at Texas A&M University and has a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Systems Engineering and is a registered professional engineer. He also received a Master of Business Administration from University of Houston.

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