Memsift pilot plant reduces wastewater; GZA names CEO and COO; IDE appoints to board

March 1, 2019

Industry news: Memsift pilot plant reduces wastewater; GZA names CEO and COO; IDE Technologies appoints to board of directors.

Memsift and START pilot plant to save water and reduce industrial waste with membrane water treatment

A pilot plant, being built by Separation Technologies Applied Research and Translation (START) Centre and Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd, will treat industrial wastewater and could reduce the amount of liquid waste by over 90 percent. The plant, located at a semiconductor firm in Singapore, can also recover precious metals from the treated water, which can then be sold and reused. The plant uses a novel water treatment system that leverages a new type of tri-bore hollow-fiber membrane that has three hollow cores, allowing for a water flow rate about 30 percent higher. The plant is expected to help the firm save up to 1.6 million liters of water annually, resulting in a savings of $250,000 in disposal cost.

GZA names CEO and COO 

GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. (GZA), a provider of geotechnical, environmental, ecological, water and construction management services, named Patrick F. Sheehan, P.E., as CEO and John C. Murphy, C.C.M., as chief operating officer (COO) effective March 2. Sheehan has been with GZA for 28 years and led many geoenvironmental projects, including design/build and guaranteed fixed price remediation efforts. A GZA employee for over 30 years, Murphy is a certified construction manager and has spent his career leading the development and growth of the company’s construction management, remediation and demolition practices.

IDE Technologies appoints to board of directors

IDE Technologies, a provider of water treatment solutions, appointed Dan Elias, attorney, founder and managing partner of Elias Group LLP, to IDE Americas’ board of directors. Elias has more than 30 years of experience in the water sector, serving as a board member, business advisor and legal counsel. On the board, Elias will focus on growth and support of IDE’s mergers and acquisitions activities.

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