Decoding the AdEdge Treatment Matrix

Sept. 10, 2019
U.S. drinking water utilities come up against a variety of water quality issues. From aesthetic issues to naturally occurring contaminants and contaminants resulting from industry …

U.S. drinking water utilities come up against a variety of water quality issues. From aesthetic issues to naturally occurring contaminants and contaminants resulting from industry processing, no water source is without problems. Contrarily, many of them have co-occurring contaminants, which complicates the treatment process. Although there is no single treatment solution that will successfully address every contaminant possible, the AdEdge Treatment Matrix offers several solutions to treat even the most challenging water quality concerns.

General Filtration
For water utilities that need to remove suspended solids and turbidity, general filtration (GF) treatment systems work well for pretreatment. The systems use zeolites and activated carbon media, which have a high-loading capacity that provides long run times between backwashing. Additionally, the systems’ smaller footprint decreases costs.

AdEdge’s Bayoxide® E33 adsorption technology is a solution for water with high arsenic levels. The NSF 61-certified, granular ferric oxide adsorption media can be integrated with a variety of systems and solutions to reduce up to 99% total arsenic, including Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V). For utilities with co-occurring contaminants, Bayoxide® E33 is also effective for removing lead and antimony, as well as fluoride, sulfides, organics and TOC.

Coagulation/filtration (C/F) is a precipitative process that is effective for treating water with high concentrations of arsenic, iron, manganese and/or sulfides. In the area of C/F, AdEdge offers the ADGS+, an NSF 61-certified, black filter media. GS+ has a manganese dioxide coated surface that acts as a catalyst in the oxidation-reduction reaction of iron and manganese, and a silica sand core that can withstand operating conditions in waters with low silica, todal dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness.

Ion Exchange
There are several types of ion exchange (IX) media to remove nitrate, radium, uranium, chromium VI, TOC and/or boron, as well as for water softening. These products offer high-efficiency water conservation and salt usage to minimize waste and conserve OPEX. The IX systems have an automated bypass with proportioning valve to consistently reach targeted water quality, and countercurrent regeneration to limit contaminant leakage.

Membrane Technology
Reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) systems use membrane technology to remove a variety of contaminants including ammonia, arsenic, chromium VI, dissolved solids, gross alpha, hardness, fluoride, lead, nitrates, selenium, organics, TOC, color and uranium. Advanced membrane technology can be used with other treatment solutions to create a complete integrated solution. AdEdge also offers mechanical pretreatment, chemical pretreatment, dechlorination and organics removal to help preserve membrane life.

AD26 is AdEdge’s pre-engineered, skid-mounted oxidation/filtration (O/F) treatment system. It uses a proprietary, NSF 61-certified manganese dioxide media to oxidize iron, manganese, arsenic and sulfides, and remove them from drinking water. The treatment systems have high filtration rates (6 to 10 gpm per sq ft), which allow for a smaller footprint. AD26 can run for more than 10 years before needing replacement.

Biological Filtration
Biological filtration relies on naturally occurring bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrate without the presence of nitrite. AdEdge’s biological filtration products include biottta® and NoMonia, which can both help water utilities achieve non-detectable levels of ammonia, arsenic, iron and manganese. Because biological filtration does not use chemicals, very low, non-hazardous waste is produced, and there is high water recovery.

Selecting the most effective treatment solution for your water quality concerns can be challenging. But with the AdEdge Treatment Matrix, it is simple to find the best solution for your unique needs.


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