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Jan. 1, 2016
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Updated website

Dosatron International has launched a new version of its website. The relaunch has a completely new look and is now compatible with handheld devices. The site features three major improvements: a new chat option; compatibility with mobile phones and tablets; and a video library that is always expanding.


New website

BWA Water Additives has announced the launch of its completely redesigned website. Key features include a cleaner and more attractive design, an engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation, and access to essential industry information and resources. The new website is more closely aligned with BWA’s strategic vision and focuses on company values of integrity, responsibility, partnership, and leadership. Further, it serves as a resource for the company’s many advanced water treatment solutions.

BWA Water Additives

New product guide

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published the 2016 edition of its Electrical Standards & Products Guide (ESPG), a comprehensive listing of NEMA electrical standards as well as an extensive directory of manufacturers and their products. NEMA publishes more than 500 electrical standards and technical papers governing literally millions of unique member products across 54 market segments.

National Electrical Manufacturers Association

Public-private partnership report

Bluefield’s upcoming Focus Report, “Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Company Strategies & Market Opportunities, 2015-2020,” delivers the most up-to-date analysis of public-private partnerships for strategic greenfield water investments, including contract models, capacities, sponsor strategies, capital expenditures, and commission dates. The report also includes company rankings detailing firms’ strengths and weaknesses by region and their impacts on future tenders and a detailed pipeline analysis of the growth prospects and bottlenecks for several developing projects.

Bluefield Research

New online store

Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) announces its new website featuring an online store with a powerful select-by-measurement tool, which simplifies the task of choosing sensors, transmitters, analyzers and accessories for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity and other industrial fluids. Over many years of experience, ECD has developed a wide range of industrial sensors using a modular plug-in design. Each sensor has various configurations depending on the specific application, and its technical staff and trained sales representative organization is there to help to provide technical guidance for a successful application.

Electro-Chemical Devices

New website

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions LLC (MIS), a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, recently launched its newly designed website, which delivers a clean, streamlined interface and offers simple navigation to the products MIS provides as well as the markets it serves, application information, technical resources and a range of informational content. The simplified navigation and sleek layout make it easier for visitors to quickly find the solution they are looking for. Key enhancements to the site include an updated homepage and navigation.

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions

New water efficiency white paper

A water efficiency mechanism is a regulatory and legislative tool that has been adopted in many states for gas, electric and water utilities. Water efficiency mechanisms separate a water utility’s cost recovery from the amount of water it sells. Rather than implicitly encouraging water use and penalizing a water utility for encouraging conservation, a water efficiency mechanism adjusts rates periodically to ensure that a utility’s revenue will be sufficient to cover its fixed costs regardless of sales volume, while providing an incentive for customers to use water more efficiently. In a new white paper, “Regulatory and Legislative Mechanisms for Water Efficiency,” American Water explores these tools and outlines the benefits they provide to customers and the industry.

American Water

New white paper

Envirosight has published a white paper that explores how to conserve water without scaling back sewer cleaning. The workflow introduced in the paper will not only help municipalities save water but will also build a more effective and efficient cleaning strategy. This paper reveals that up to 35% of sewer lines are jetted unnecessarily, and still more water is wasted with poor nozzle selection. Why? Most cleaning crews have no way to determine in advance whether a pipe actually needs cleaning.

Envirosight LLC

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