Products and Services: Detectors, Monitors, and Recorders

Sept. 1, 2000
Detectors, Monitors, and Recorders
Nitrification rate test
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The Arthur Bench Respirometer measures the rate of nitrification taking place in an activated sludge plant. The instrument performs the process control test for facilities needing to meet ammonia limits or save energy by limiting oxygen use in nitrification. The rapid test results pinpoint when nitrification is proceeding and at what rate. The manufacturer also provides training and consulting services.

Arthur Technology, Inc.

Fond du Lac, WI

Tel: 800-328-7518
Fax: 920-922-1085

Gas detectors

The new Regaltrademark Series 3000 chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas detectors detect in ambient air at levels below OSHA mandates. These units, manufactured by Chlorinators Inc., show concentrations on a three-digit display and a 12-LED bar graph. The highest level detected remains lit even after concentrations decrease. The unit sounds a warning alarm and, at higher levels, a danger alarm. Relays can connect to external audible or visual alarms.

Chlorinators Inc.

Stuart, FL

Tel: 561-288-4854
Fax: 561-287-3238


Data acquisition

The CR5000 from Campbell Scientific is a stand-alone data acquisition system that features rapid sampling and a large number of channels. It is well-suited for SCADA and other unattended measurement and control applications. The system measures nearly every commercially available sensor and is compatible with most communications options including radio and ethernet. It features a battery-backed real-time clock and SRAM memory, and a PC memory card slot, optically isolated RS232 interface and the company's standard 9-pin port.

Campbell Scientific, Inc.

Logan, UT

Tel: 435-753-2342
Fax: 435-750-9540


Data storage
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The Model LS1 Data Loggerstor from Dwyer Instruments retrieves and stores data from up to 31 Series LCL Low Cost Data Loggers. The unit stores more than a quarter million temperature, humidity and dewpoint readings and can transfer them to a PC, print to a parallel printer or display them on its alphanumeric display. The battery-powered unit weighs just 13 oz.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Michigan City, IN

Tel: 219-879-8000
Fax: 888-891-4963


Toxic gas detector
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The Ecometrics Series 1710 detector monitors for chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas over the concentration range of 0 to 30 ppm. The unit includes an electrochemical gas sensor and microprocessor based alarm indicator with LCD display. Fully adjustable set point contacts, audible and visual alarms, status display bar graph and battery backup come standard.

Ecometrics, Inc.

Silverdale, PA

Tel: 215-453-9800
Fax: 215-453-1000


Personal detectors

The TX-2000 Series from Enmet Corp. are pocket-sized, intrinsically safe personal gas detectors. They continuously monitor oxygen and toxic gases including chlorine, carbon monoxide, ammonia and others. The pager-sized instruments come with an electrochemical sensor, a digital display, audio/visual alarms and two alarm points.

Enmet Corp.

Ann Arbor, MI

Tel: 734-761-1270
Fax: 734-761-3220


Conductivity sensors
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Rosemount Analytical builds its new Endurancetrademark models 400VP and 403VP contacting conductivity sensors with a Variopol (VP) multipin, watertight connector. The units measure conductivity in high purity water systems and are designed for greater accuracy and lower maintenance. The connectors feature a robust, corrosion-resistant metal casing with gold-plated contacts to shield and maintain a stable signal. The units offer versatile mounting configurations and accurate factory-determined calibration constants.

Rosemount Analytical Inc.

Irvine, CA

Tel: 949-863-1181
Fax: 949-474-7250


Multiple sensor monitors

Sentry, the gas monitoring system from Sierra Monitor, features the concept of "Gas Risk Management" for a proactive stance with potentially hazardous conditions. It is available as either a 2, 4 or 8-channel system accepting multiple types of gas sensors including combustible gas, oxygen deficiency or toxic gases. The multiplexing capabilities reduce installation costs and offer a high density configuration with up to 32 channels in a 19-in. rack. The company provides datalogging, RS232 communications, hard copy printer reports, MODBUS communications interface to third party software, self-diagnostics and operator/system interface through integral alphanumeric display.

Sierra Monitor Corp.

Milpitas, CA

Tel: 800-727-4377
Fax: 408-262-9042


DO sensor
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Sensorex has introduced the new DO6000 dissolved oxygen sensor. It can interface to most DO meters that accept galvanic millivolt cell input. The technology ensures rapid, stable and repeatable dissolved oxygen measurements. A large electrolyte reservoir allows extended submersion. Automatic temperature compensation and choice of HDPE or Teflon membranes are optional.


Garden Grove, CA

Tel: 714-895-4344
Fax: 714-894-4839


Circle No. 385 on Reader Service Card

Process analyzer
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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' new TOC-4000 Process Analyzer is capable of analyzing up to six aqueous streams for TC, IC, TOC or NPOC in concentrations up to 20,000 ppm. Optional POC accessory permits TOC analysis by the addition of NPCO plus POC. The analyzer employs Shimadzu's exclusive high sensitivity combustion method with NDIR detection required to meet regulatory specifications.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Columbia, MD

Tel: 800-477-1227
Fax: 410-381-1222


TSS analyzer

The Royce Model 7011A continuous monitoring Total Suspended Solids (TSS) analyzer with the Model 73A sensor is a fully featured system. The sensor has a range of 400 to 30,000 mg/l and an optional automatic self-cleaning feature is available. The analyzer is a digital readout processor controlled system that has an optional range of sensors that do not require special set-up. It calibrates in-situ to a known value. The analyzer automatically controls cleaning. Built-in calibration curves cover most applications.

Royce Instrument Corp.

New Orleans, LA

Tel: 800-347-3505
Fax: 504-254-8855


Data logger
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The new Unidata Model 7001 Starlog Pro Data Logger can monitor a wide range of signal types required for complex measurement tasks. All input signals including both analog and digital are converted and processed with 16 bit resolution. Its 16 analog channels have programmable ranges of +/- 5mV, +/-50mV, +/-500mV and +/-5.0 V. They support bipolar, single ended and up to eight differential signals. The four 16-bit counter channels operate up to 20 KHz and accept potential-free contacts, 0-5V and 0-12V pulses. SDI-12 instruments are also supported. The standard internal battery pack allows in excess of 12 months of operation.

Unidata America

Lake Oswego, OR

Tel: 503-697-3570
Fax: 503-697-3571


Leak detector
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The SubSurface Leak Detection LD-12 "Professional's Plus" water leak detector offers improvements over its predecessor, the LD-10. It has greater sensitivity and better electronic amp-lification. The new "Limitter" switch automatically cuts off all sounds greater than 110dB to protect the user's hearing. The new "Filter Thru" switch bypasses the amplifier's filtering, allowing the user to hear everything from 50 Hz to 15,000 Hz. It has a base plate for ground miking city streets and a magnet base and contact rod for leak surveying at hydrants, meters and valves.

SubSurface Leak Detection, Inc.

San Jose, CA

Tel: 408-249-4673
Fax: 408-249-9653

Residual analyzer
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The Wallace & Tiernan Products' DepoloxRegistered 3 plus residual analyzer continuously measures free or total (combined) chlorine in drinking water applications. Using universally accepted amperometric measurement technology, the analyzer directly measures chlorine residuals and provides an isolated 4-20 mA output signal for control or recording purposes. Integral alarm relays are included. The analyzer also is available in a dual input arrangement for measuring pH or fluoride, along with chlorine. Using an internally buffered sensor, the analyzer measures total chlorine residuals without the need for reagents. This includes samples with varying pH. For both free and total chlorine, a 3-electrode measuring cell is used. This eliminates the need for constant zero adjustment. Calibration and accuracy are not affected by changes in turbidity or conductivity. The electronic controls and the wetside are separate to simplify installation and provide for operator convenience.

USFilter Wallace & Tiernan Products

Vineland, NJ

Tel: 847-706-6947
Fax: 847-706-6933


Level transmitter
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The Triton series Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter uses the existing chamber to upgrade conventional type displacers. It offers the advantages of a loop-powered, HART smart 4-20mA output with only one moving part. Capabilities include pressure to 1,000 psig, temperature to 300 degrees F and local indication.


Webster, TX

Tel: 281-488-0788
Fax: 281-488-7080


Data logging system

Logic Beach Inc. offers the ML-300 Integrated Data Logging system. It provides completely integrated data collection for remote installations built around field proven Logic Beach components. Flexible packaging integrates data collection, communications and power management systems. The ModuLoggertrademark data logging and alarming system is easily programmed and expandable to meet system channel count needs from four to 44 inputs with 12 or 18 bit resolution. The system offers a high speed counter, sampling rate capability to 150 samples per second, line or battery power functions and four software programmable alarms.

Logic Beach, Inc.

Tel: 619-698-3300
Fax: 619-469-8604


PH/ORP monitor
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Cole-Parmer's new wall-mount monitors check pH or ORP day or night. The compact housing allows flexible installation. The bright red LED is easy to read in low light from several feet. The pH monitor 59000-97 has a range of 0 to 14.0 pH with an accuracy of +/-0.1 pH. It features three-point calibration at pH 4, 7 and 10. Automatic buffer recognition identifies correct pH buffer for rapid calibration. The ORP monitor 59000-95 has a range of 0 to 995 mV with an accuracy of +/-5mV. The operating temperature is 32 to 122 degrees F.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.

Vernon Hills, IL

Tel: 800-323-4340
Fax: 847-549-7600


Automatic gas analyzer
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Columbus Instruments' new gas analyzer Model 180C allows automatic and periodic measurements of multiple gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen gas, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide, in one to 128 sampling points. The fully computerized system comes with software, gas sampling pump and pneumatic multi-point multiplexer, allowing sampling from multiple points. Users can select gas analyzers, gas ranges and number of sampling points to create a custom system. The software programs the dwell time for each sourcepoint and the frequency of scanning. Data can be printed, graphed, or stored on the hard drive of an attached PC.

Columbus Instruments

Columbus, OH

Tel: 614-276-0861
Fax: 614-276-0529


Level transmitter
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Flowline's new LU30 Level Transmitter is mounted through the top wall of the tank and provides non-contact, reliable measurement from 0.5 to 24.5 feet with an accuracy of +/-0.25 percent. An integral relay is included for direct actuation of pumps, valves and alarms. The transmitters are suitable for bulk storage tanks, canals and lift stations. The 10A relay may be configured on a single set point as an alarm or latched on two different set points.

Flowline Level Superstore

Los Alamitos, CA

Tel: 562-598-3015
Fax: 562-431-8507


Infrared gas sensors

Detcon's infrared gas detection sensors are designed to detect and monitor combustible hydrocarbon gas in the range of 0 to 100 percent LEL. The detection system uses a field-replaceable, plug-in sensor containing source and all related optics. The sensor offers calibration stability and a service life of greater than five years. The detector provides non-intrusive calibration and is suitable for applications in hazardous areas including Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D. The transmitter is an intelligent, microprocessor-based plug-in module consistent with field level serviceability. The operator interface via a small programming magnet is menu driven to simplify programming and routine calibration.

Detcon, Inc.

The Woodlands, TX

Tel: 888-367-4286
Fax: 281-292-2860


Temperature recorder
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Dickson has reintroduced the DW4 Water Resistant Temperature Recorder with Probe to its current line of instrumentation and software. The unit is how housed in an ultra-rugged fiberglass NEMA 4X case that features a more compact design with wall mount capabilities. The DW4 recorders are stocked in seven temperature ranges in Celsius and Fahrenheit in both seven day and 24 hour recording times. The six-foot capillary probe has weather resistant material that stands up to harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

Dickson Company

Addison, IL

Tel: 800-323-2448
Fax: 800-676-0498


Multiparameter display/data logger
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YSI Incorporated offers the Model 650 MDS Multiparameter Display System, a rugged handheld display and data logging system. It features an IP-67, impact resistant case, long battery life and high memory. Optional features available include barometer and GPS interface. Users can log real-time data, calibrate the USI 6-Series sondes, set-up sondes for deployment, and upload data to a PC.

YSI Incorporated

Yellow Springs, OH

Tel: 800-765-4974
Fax: 937-767-9353


Thickness gauge
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The new Check-LineRegistered TI-25DL accurately measures the wall thickness on all metals, ceramics and most rigid plastics, even when only one side of the material is accessible. The TI-25DL's measuring range is 0.030 in. to 6.000 in. with a resolution of 0.001 in. and switch-selectable units of inches or mm. It features a built-in memory for 1000 measurements that can be downloaded to a computer or portable printer. A unique Scan Measuring mode can be used where the probe is dragged over a large area to be measured.

Electromatic Equipment Co.

Cedarhurst, NY

Tel: 800-645-4330
Fax: 516-295-4399

Flow sensor

George Fischer has expanded the +GF+Signet Vortex Sensor line to include 3 in. and 4 in. sizes in PVDF material. The industrial and high-purity versions are offered in wafer, ANSI and ISO flange configurations. The sensors are available as stand-alone units providing frequency and current output, or are configurable into programmable transmitter systems. The sensors come in sizes 1/2 in. to 2 in. in polypropylene, PVDF and PVC.

George Fischer, Inc.

Tustin, CA

Tel: 800-854-4090
Fax: 714-731-6201


Wireless alarm

Antx has announced the release of PagerAlert, a wireless alarm notification system that uses industry-standard 2-way pager technology. It provides alarm notification over phones, cell phones and pagers for any equipment alert in the U.S. and Canada. The unit alerts personnel when water samplers take grab samples, high level alarms occur at lift stations, pumps fail, or chemical delivery systems are empty. PagerAlert is programmed remotely via a toll-free number allowing the user to record unique messages for four alarm conditions and store four phone or pager numbers for alarm notifications.

Antx, Inc.

Austin, TX

Tel: 512-255-2800



The Liquisys S CUM 223/253 analyzer and the CUS 31 sensor from Endress + Hauser offer features designed to eliminate the costly concerns of coating and clogging that ordinarily plague turbidity measurement systems. The CUS 31 sensor can be installed directly into the waterline. Because of the self-calibrating opto-electronics the sensor is without drift, eliminating re-calibration needs and significantly reducing maintenance and calibration requirements. Two automatic cleaning options further enhance the capabilities. The sensor works with a broad range of sensor holders offering flexible installation options.

Endress + Hauser

Greenwood, IN

Tel: 800-428-4344
Fax: 317-535-8498


Dual probe pH meter
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The IQ150 handheld non-glass pH meter accepts either stainless steel probes with ISFET silicon chip pH sensors or traditional glass pH probes. The dual technology offers the ability to select the right pH probe for each application. The stainless steel probe features virtually unbreakable sensors. The meter offers easy portability ideal for both lab and field-testing. The stainless steel probe stores dry and requires no maintenance. The ultra-rugged meter is engineered to withstand a 10-foot drop onto concrete and features automatic temperature compensation, automatic buffer recognition and up to two-point calibration.

IQ Scientific Instruments, Inc.

San Diego, CA

Tel: 858-673-1851
Fax: 858-673-1853

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The Model EP960 R.F. Transceiver-Controller from OTEK continuously monitors an input signal and compares it to high and low set points that are 100 percent field-adjustable. It is suitable for monitoring input signals from devices measuring weight, pressure, volume, vacuum, height, depth or other force parameters. The built-in dead band at 2 percent of the setting and the time delay avoid false or transient triggering. When a limit is exceeded, the comparator turns on its alarm LED (red for high, yellow for low), commands the microcontroller to transmit its address and the alarm type to the Master, blinks its "Alarm Transmit" LED and turns on its open collector transistors to control the process.

OTEK Corp.

Tucson, AZ

Tel: 877-227-6835
Fax: 520-790-2808


Sensor transmitter
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RCM Industries' Flo-Gage Two-Wire Transmitter is an economical single package solution that includes a sensor transmitter suitable for liquids and gases. The differential pressure measuring principle avoids the problems associated with sticking floats and plugging passages. A solid state strain-gauge directly senses the differential pressure. The transmitter option is designed for use with computer control systems or remote readouts. Output is proportional to the square of the flow rate, requiring the receiving device to perform square root extraction. A proprietary orifice is included and is sized to order.

RCM Industries, Inc.

Concord, CA

Tel: 925-687-8363
Fax: 925-671-9636


Chart recorder
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Kernco Instruments has announced a new chart recorder with digital display and audio-visual high/low alarms. The No. 19L13 Model THDx temperature, humidity and dewpoint 8 in. chart recorder can be either freestanding or wall-mounted. The recorder provides remote sensing of temperature, humidity and dewpoint. The temperature sensor is a thermistor and the humidity sensor is a thin film capacitor. Special features include an optional 10 foot extension cable, locking control keypad, and one-day, seven-day and 31 day recording times.

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc.

El Paso, TX

Tel: 915-852-3375
Fax: 915-852-4084

TOC monitor

Anatel has published a brochure describing the company's Model A-2000 for Wide-Range TOC analysis in drinking water treatment plants. The system measures TOC in the lab for the Information Collection Rule (ICR), and then can measure on-line to comply with the Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBP) by continuously monitoring TOC removal percentages throughout the treatment process. Data can be downloaded directly to a SCADA system. The system features soft-key, menu-driven software, five built-in alarms, four 4-20mA outputs and more.

Anatel Corporation

Boulder, CO

Tel: 303-442-5533
Fax: 303-447-8365


Conductivity transmitter

Burkert has introduced the new inductive Type 8226 sensor/transmitter/controller, which measures conductivity in a greater number of applications. This sensor is well suited for dirty fluid applications where deposits are a concern for other units. Features include a built-in temperature compensation and a splash-proof plastic IP-65 enclosure. The unit functions in a three-wire circuit and outputs a standard 4-20mA signal. It installs in up to two inch lines using a Burkert inline fitting of PVC, PP, PVDF, brass or stainless steel with either weld ends, male or female threaded ports, flange or tri-clamps.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Irvine, CA

Tel: 949-223-3100
Fax: 949-223-3198


Chlorine leak detectors

The Capital Controls Series 1600 Gas Detectors have become the industry standard in many countries. This is due in part to sensor elements which can last up to five years without maintenance or replacement. Series 1610B is an analog detector for a single point. It has an LED bar graph to provide operators with a display of up to 10ppm chlorine. A multi-point version, Series 1620B also is available.

Capital Controls Co., Inc.

Colmar, PA

Tel: 215-997-4000
Fax: 215-997-4062


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Love Controls Division, Dwyer Instruments, offers a select group of general-purpose thermocouples for next day delivery. Orders placed before 3 p.m. can be shipped that day for next day delivery. The company offers these thermocouples in a wide variety of standard configurations that can be used in various applications to measure wide temperature ranges. The thermocouples meet industry and stringent ANSI standards assuring interchangeability without additional re-calibration.

Love Controls Div.,

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Michigan City, IN

Tel: 219-879-8868
Fax: 219-872-9057


Conductivity monitor
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WTW has introduced the TecnoLinetrademark LF 171 Conductivity Monitor that features its exclusive EMC lightning protection circuitry. It also offers dual operation modes in salinity or conductivity, auto temperature compensation and a sensor-check function. Other functions include storage and recall of min-max values, timer functions for control purposes, analog outputs for conductivity and temperature, and four programmable relay contacts.

WTW Measurement Systems, Inc.

Ft. Myers, FL

Tel: 800-645-5999
Fax: 941-337-7112


RPM data coupler
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Wireless Data Corporation has introduced the new Model 2100 high RPM data coupler. It is a clamp-on, short-range RF telemetry system for measuring rotational torque, torsional vibrations, bending strains, thrust, acceleration, pressure, load and temperatures on rotating shafts. It requires no mechanical modification to the existing shafting, and installation requires only 1.25-in. of clear shafting (axially).

Wireless Data Corp., a Sensotec Co.

Mountain View, CA

Tel: 800-227-8190
Fax: 650-967-7727


Tank inventory system

Robertshaw Industrial Products Division, an Invensys company, announced its Centeron tank monitoring system that remotely monitors substance levels in tanks from across the country or around the globe. The system features wireless monitors, an advanced data collector/distribution software suite and Internet access to users at every level in the distribution process. Models operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 185 degrees F. The combination level monitors and transmitters feature long life, field replaceable batteries, an interference free Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) radio link, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Robertshaw Industrial Products Division

Knoxville, TN

Tel: 800-237-7429


Chemical scale

The Chlor-ScaleRegistered from Force Flow allows operators to monitor chlorine and SO2 gas in order to prevent over and underfeed conditions and to enable documentation of actual chlorine fed. The scale is made from heavy gauge steel and coated with a two-part epoxy paint system in order to withstand corrosive environments. Bronze bushed roller trunnions are standard. The scale can be combined with the company's CenturyRegistered hydraulic dial, the multi-channel Wizard 4000Registered or the more economical Solo 1000Registered digital indicator.

Force Flow Equipment

Concord, CA

Tel: 925-686-6700
Fax: 925-686-6713


pH monitoring & recording
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Analytical Measurements' Model I pH Indicator/Recorder consists of an indicating meter to monitor pH and a separate circular chart recorder. The indicating meter is mounted in a NEMA 4 case with a clear plastic cover. The recorder consists of a 10-inch circular chart covering 7 days with a range of 0-14 pH, mounted in a NEMA case. The indicator and recorder can be separated with the recorder located in a remote area as far away as 100 feet. The Model I is supplied with probe and buffer solutions. Available options include high temperature probes, digital readout for indication, 24 hour chart, and automatic temperature compensation. This unit is economical and suitable for most wash and wastewater applications where monitoring and recording is required to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Analytical Measurements

Hillside, NJ

Tel: 800-635-5580


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