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April 1, 2001
Ecometrics' Sensi-Chlor gas detector is a fast acting, fail safe detector for chlorine and sulfur dioxide gas. It covers the range of 0-30 ppm of gas in air.

Gas detection system

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Ecometrics' Sensi-Chlor gas detector is a fast acting, fail safe detector for chlorine and sulfur dioxide gas. It covers the range of 0-30 ppm of gas in air. The device is housed in a compact IP65 rated case and features fully adjustable set points, audible and visual alarms and a full status display. The high-resolution transducer reacts quickly to changing levels of gas in the air.

Ecometrics, Inc.
Silverdale, PA
Tel: 215-453-9800

Pressure test pump

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The handle operated HTP300 pump from Reed allows users to pressure test water lines. The pump operation requires the user first to fill the system, raise the system pressure by actuating the pump handle and closing the ball valve at the desired pressure. Leakage determination is based upon the dropping pressure indicated by the pump's pressure gauge. A relief valve reduces the likelihood of over-pressuring the system.

Reed Manufacturing Company
Erie, PA
Tel: 800-666-3691

Stormwater separation

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Stormwater Management has introduced a new product to control non-point source pollution. The StormGate SeparatorTM is an offline sedimentation chamber that allows for the settling of solids and the separation of free oils and greases commonly found in stormwater runoff. The separator directs the more polluted initial flows to the sedimentation chamber. The chamber features an internal baffle to direct the flow of stormwater over a long flow path to maximize effectiveness. When rainwater currents exceed the design flow capacity of the chamber, stormwater runoff is routed over a weir, bypassing the tank and preventing re-suspension of solids, oils and greases. Along with the engineering design support, standard drawings and specifications are available in CAD format.

Stormwater Management Inc.
Portland, OR
Tel: 800-548-4667

Battery Powered PRV controllers

Radcom's battery powered PRV controllers provide accurate and reliable pressure management with a modulated control of pressure within two pre-set pressure limits. The maximum and minimum pressures are pre-set mechanically to ensure optimum reliability for the water distribution system. The electronic controllers proportionally adjust the regulated output to create pre-determined pressure profiles throughout the 24-hour day and offer different profiles for each day or weekday/weekend. The unit offers remote setting and operation from office via modem, and an on-board alarm system with dial-out facility.

RADCOM Technologies, Inc.
Woburn, MA
Tel: 800-723-2066

Pipe threader

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The new heavy-duty Model 535 Automatic threading machine with 2" capacity features a 2.0 hp induction motor and a three-speed transmission. The motor-transmission combination can handle various pipe sizes and applications. The cycle time for threading 1" pipe is approximately 9 seconds. The automatic chuck is simple and durable. The machine threads 1/8" to 2" pipe, including black, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as 1/4" to 2" bar stock. The machine is capable of gripping in reverse for left handed threading. Other features include a chip tray, improved work piece drainage and an over-sized oil reservoir.

Ridge Tool Company
Elyria, OH
Tel: 800-769-7743

Tubing pumps

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Micropump now offers Ismatec tubing pumps and programmable drives. With seven unique series, Ismatec tubing pumps feature multi-channel pump systems up to 40 channels, interchangeable pump heads and tube beds and flow rates from 0.001 to 13 L/min. Micropump offers off-the-shelf and custom configurations.

Micropump, Inc.
Vancouver, WA
Tel: 360-253-2008

Static mixer

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The patented Kenics® HEV High-Efficiency Static Mixer provides pressure drops up to 75% lower than conventional systems and can handle turbulent-flow mixing processes. The HEV limits mixer length to less than 1-1/2 pipe diameters and saves space. The mixer can handle low viscosity liquids or gases. The low-profile tab geometry generates controlled vortex structures that accomplish mixing. The unit can be configured for non-circular cross sections, providing efficient additive blending in places not suitable for traditional static mixers.

Chemineer, Inc.
North Andover, MA
Tel: 978-687-0101

Tapping machine

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Hydra-Stop announces the immediate availability of Hydra-Tapper, a tapping machine that weighs only 50 pounds, allowing for single worker operation. It requires less blocking and bracing, saving utilities time and money. The tapper works on any type of pipe, no need for measurements due to predetermined length of travel. It has fewer moving parts, helping eliminate costly breakdowns. Rated at 250 psi, the tapper uses air or hydraulic motor drives. The tappers are available for sale in sizes from 4" - 8", 4" - 12", and 4" - 20." Contract tapping services are available for sizes from 3/4" to 60".

Hydra-Stop Pitometer Pipeline Services
Alsip, IL
Tel: 800-538-7867

Pipe couplings

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The new Dresser Style 253 modular cast coupling is designed as a faster and easier way to join waterworks piping, including cast/ductile iron, A-C or PVC, regardless of pipe class. The couplings come in a range of sizes from 2" to 16" OD and in transitions with 2.5"x 2", 6"x 4" and 8"x 6". The couplings feature a color-coding system that codes each coupling follower for the type pipe it is designed to fit. Matching gaskets are color coded and imprinted with the OD range.

Dresser Piping Specialties
Bradford, PA Tel: 814-362-9200

Drilling mud recycling

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American Directional Drill has developed the new MCM-1000BTM, a mud mixing and cleaning machine. The full-featured mud recycling system can be matched to any brand of drill that uses 80 to 100 U.S. gallons of mud per minute. Accumulated solids in the bore often cause stuck drill pipe. A high volume of clean mud floats solids to the surface for disposal. Mud recycling increases the success rate of bores, reduces the expense for bentonite and helps maintain a tidy job site. The mud mixing and cleaning system uses a linear motion shaker that vibrates to separate sand, grit and other solids from the drilling mud. A variety of shaker screens in different mesh sizes are available to match drilling conditions.

American Augers, Inc.
Salem, OH
Tel: 419-869-7107

Grinder pump

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Hydromatic has announced its new Hydromatic HPD200 positive displacement grinder pump, which is designed to meet the demands of low-pressure sewer systems. The pumps are ideal for high head applications involving single family residences and cottages. The class F insulated, 2 hp, 1750 rpm pump produces a nearly constant flow under a wide range of continuously varying conditions with heads to 245 feet and flows up to 19 gpm. The grinder pumps are available in manual or automatic models and come in complete package systems.

Ashland, OH
Tel: 419-289-3042

Reagent-grade water

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The Aqua-RODI-C combines a reverse osmosis pretreatment and Type I reagent grade water purification system in a cabinet measuring just 20" wide x 20" high x 12" deep. The system is suited to those laboratory applications where the existing central RO, DI or distillation pretreatment system is either unreliable, overloaded or where space or funding is limited. When the incoming tap water contains more than 170 ppm of total dissolved solids or the Type I purified water usage exceeds 20 liters per day or 100 liters per week, the RODI-C can produce higher quality water at lower cost than systems without built-in RO pretreatment.

Aqua Solutions, Inc.
Jasper, GA
Tel: 800-458-2021

Sewer overflow monitor

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Unidata America has released the new Stormlog Event Recorder for assessing the operation of stormwater overflows. The system uses a fluid detection device as the sensor, which can be mounted in the invert of the overflow on a stainless steel bracket, or in various positions at the lowest point of spill. When fluid covers the sensor, the event recorder logs the start date and time of the event. The status is logged at 60-second intervals. When the sensor becomes uncovered, it registers the stop date and time. An RS232 interface is available for communications and data retrieval. The level sensor is unaffected by aggressive, high solids- or polluted liquids.

Unidata America
Lake Oswego, OR Tel: 503-697-3570

Chemical use monitoring

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The Drumm-ScaleTM from Force Flow/Floquip is a simple way to monitor the amount of chemical fed from a day tank and the quantity remaining. The low-profile platform permits easy on and off loading of tanks without the need to pit mount the scale. It comes in epoxy powder coated or 316 stainless steel. The unit is available with all of the company's indicators including the SOLO® 1000, the advanced multi-channel Wizard 4000® and the Century® hydraulic dial.

Force Flow/Floquip
Concord, CA
Tel: 925-686-6700

Biosolids processing

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Ashbrook has introduced the Eco-ThermTM Pasteurization Process, which converts biosolids to Class A material in accordance with USEPA 40 CFR 503. The patented process is completely enclosed and eliminates odor problems without a gas scrubber. It offers a smaller footprint for handling large volume biosolids. The system can be skid mounted for easy installation and design capacities have ranged from 7 to 60 MGD. The system has received EPA approval for installations in California.

Ashbrook Corporation
Houston, TX
Tel: 281-449-0322

Pressure transmitter

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The new Series 634S Pressure Transmitter from Dwyer Instruments uses an isolated piezoresistive pressure sensor to provide positive pressure readings of air and non-corrosive gases or liquids with +/-1% F.S. accuracy. Stability for this CE-approved instrument is +/-1% F.S./year. The series is available in 10 field-adjustable models, covering ranges from as low as 0 to 10 psi to as high as 6000 psi. The lightweight, eight-ounce transmitters are configured for 2-, 3-, or 4-wire operation, providing a standard 4-20 mA output signal. Zero and span controls are fully protected, yet easily accessed inside the instrument's side housing.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN
Tel: 219-879-8000

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