New Products

Feb. 1, 2001
A portable, submersible pump ideal for dewatering manholes and small pounds has been introduced by ITT Flygt Corp. Designated as model Ready 24, the pump weighs only 42 lbs. and has a diameter of 7-7/8". The 3.8 hp unit develops up to 90 feet of head and delivers up to 180 gpm. It has a wear-resistant design and 3" discharge and is suitable for dewatering liquids containing a variety of abrasive particles.

Dewatering pump

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A portable, submersible pump ideal for dewatering manholes and small pounds has been introduced by ITT Flygt Corp. Designated as model Ready 24, the pump weighs only 42 lbs. and has a diameter of 7-7/8". The 3.8 hp unit develops up to 90 feet of head and delivers up to 180 gpm. It has a wear-resistant design and 3" discharge and is suitable for dewatering liquids containing a variety of abrasive particles. It's thermoplastic polyurethane impeller and diffuser and stainless steel motor housing and shaft allow the pump to handle liquids in a pH range from 3 to 9.

ITT Flygt Corp.
Trumbull, CT
Tel: 203-380-4700
Fax: 203-380-4711

Railing fittings

Kee Industrial Products has introduced its new Kee Lite slip-on aluminum pipe fittings. Designed for building pipe-fitted railings and other structures, the fittings are lightweight and corrosion resistant. They are constructed of high-grade silicon magnesium aluminum and are designed for use with standard 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" pipe sizes. They feature a bright finish and hidden set screws and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Kee Industrial Products
Buffalo, NY
Tel: 800-851-5181
Fax: 716-896-5696

pH/ORP Controller

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Analytical Measurements offers a new pH/ORP/Temp controller that is fully microprocessor based. It is provided with a large LED display which shows to two decimal points for either pH (1-14) or ORP (+/- 1000 mV). Units come in a NEMA case and can be provided with an optional chart recorder. Other options are available.

Analytical Measurements
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 800-635-5580
Fax: 908-964-6622

Odor control

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Odor Control Company has developed an alternative to liquids and spray odor control systems. It's WindScenttrademark sleeves filled with odor neutralizing granules are designed to hang outdoors between the odor and the community for controlling processing or waste odors that may be disturbing neighbors. Each sleeve holds slightly more than a pound of granules and will neutralize unpleasant odors for months. The sleeves are easy to fill through the Velcro controlled opening. The fabric sleeve hangs from a metal grommet at the top.

Odor Control Company, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 888-948-3956
Fax: 877-948-1010

Progressing cavity pump

The MoynoRegistered 1000 Progressing Cavity Pump is offered in an open throat configuration. Equipped with a large suction hopper, the pump can transfer viscous materials. It has hardened, pin-type universal joints which are sealed and lubricated. The pump offers flow rates to 325 gpm and pressure capabilities to 225 psi. It passes particles up to 1.1 inches in diameter and handles fluid viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps.

Moyno Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966

Battery charger

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Gas Tech has introduced the new Genesis Battery Conditioning Station. The microprocessor controlled station reads a battery pack to determine the amount of charge remaining and automatically adjusts its charge cycle to optimize battery performance and life. The station holds up to six battery packs and auto detects insertion of a battery pack, even one with no voltage across its terminals. The station signals when the pack is fully charged.

Gas Tech Inc.
Newark, CA
Tel: 510-745-1275
Fax: 510-794-6201

Encoder adapters

ABB Water Meters offers the T360 and T350 multi-encoder reading adapters for water meters. The T350 allows reading of two ABB meter encoders from one wall pad while the T360 allows reading of up to eight meters. Readings can be collected with several standard inductive reading products, including the ABB T520 MiniReader, VersaProbe and Logicon VersaProbe. The adapters require no electrical power and are fully encapsulated, carrying an IP68 rating.

ABB Water Meters
Ocala, FL
Tel: 800-874-0890

Level transmitter

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The new LIT 25 level indicating transmitter from Greyline Instruments uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure tank levels for applications including chemical inventory, and water and wastewater. Standard features include a 4-digit LCD display, isolated 4-20mA output, and one control relay. The sensor is mounted at the top of the tank and the watertight NEMA 4X enclosure and display can be mounted within 500 feet. The transmitter includes a built-in, two-button keypad for calibration. It allows direct entry of span in inches or centimeters. Options include an intrinsically safe sensor for hazardous locations.

Greyline Instruments Inc.
Massena, NY
Tel: 888-473-9546
Fax: 315-764-0419

Tablet disinfection

Hammonds has introduced a new off-the-shelf tablet disinfection system that offers a "plug and play" design that does not require custom engineering. The system uses magnetic stir bar and motor to create a vortex in a small water chamber. The vortex creates positive and negative pressures allowing for recirculation of the solution, making it possible to vary solution strength without changing the flow through the system. The system uses PPG's three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets to produce a consistent solution that can be injected at controlled rates into a water supply.

Houston, TX
Tel: 800-582-4224
Fax: 281-847-5129

Pipe seal

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Hydra-Stop/Pitometer has released the Hydra-Tight Seal for pipeline rehabilitation. The seal serves as an internal joint seal and also can be transformed into an interlocking sleeving system custom designed to fit any length of pipe in diameters of 16" and larger.

Hydra-Stop, Pitometer Pipeline Services
Lancaster, OH
Tel: 888-538-6030
Fax: 740-689-8873

Water treatment book

The American Water Works Association has published the second edition of "Integrated Design and Operation of Water Treatment Facilities." The book covers the entire project sequence from preliminary planning studies to plant startup. It describes basic design criteria and shows how to design each process to maximize overall efficiency while minimizing operation and maintenance costs. The book was written specifically for professional engineers and college students who seek emphasis on the practical rather than the theoretical.

American Water Works Association
Denver, CO
Tel: 303-794-7711

Portable mixers

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Chemineer offers a line of portable and small top-entering mixers featuring large-diameter shafts in a variety of lengths. The mixers feature a power range from 1/4 to 5 hp, output speeds of 170 to 1750 rpm and totally enclosed XP or air motors. They have heavy-duty, cast aluminum housings and oversized, permanently sealed and lubricated bearings. The mixers are available with clamp, cup-plate, vibration-isolated plate or angle riser for open-tank mounting.

Chemineer Inc.
Dayton, OH
Tel: 937-454-3200
Fax: 937-454-3379

CO2 analyzer

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The improved CEA 266 is a wall mounted infrared CO2 gas analyzer contained in a water and dust tight NEMA 4X enclosure with digital display readout. Ranges of 0-2000 ppm, 0-5000 ppm, 0-1%, 0-2%, 0-5%, 0-10% and 0-20% are available. The sample gas is continuously drawn into the unit through a built-in air pump. A self draining water trap and dust filter also are provided. The unit includes 0-5vDC and 4-20mA outputs and two user adjustable alarms and contact relays.

CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ
Tel: 201-967-5660
Fax: 201-967-8450

Pressure sensor/switch

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Burkert USA has introduced the Type 8311 Pressure Sensor/Switch, designed to switch a valve, relay or pump and establish a simple on/off control loop. The sensor may be used to energize a relay or provide transistor output (NPN or PNP) upon any pressure set point. Accurate at +/- 1% of full scale with 0.25% repeatability, the Type 8311 measures pressure ranges up to 720 psig. It features a programmable set point which can be set locally with the three push buttons on the display, or externally from a PLC/computer over a 4-20mA loop.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.
Irvine, CA
Tel: 949-223-3100
Fax: 949-223-3198

Flow control

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Conery Manufacturing has added new products to its offerings. Its new internally weighted mercury float switch has an ABS outer shell combined with a solid polyurethane core. The company also offers new stainless steel chain kits and anchor kits. The chain and shackles are made of 316 stainless steel and are available in various sizes and lengths. By attaching the anchor kit to the chain, a user can tie off the float switch at any desired depth and drop the entire unit into the basin.

Conery Mfg. Inc.
Ashland, OH
Tel: 419-289-1444
Fax: 419-281-0366

Soft starters

The MSF line of Soft Starters from Emotron has more than 40 standard features, including starting/stopping by means of a torque control that produces smooth and linear speed ramp, a 20 percent reduction in required starting current and protection against phase failure. The standard pump control makes the MSF ideal for applications such as lift-station control. The starters also incorporate thermal and PTC motor protection, forward/reverse jogging and machine/process protection through the integration of a motor load monitor.

Emotron Inc.
Toledo, OH
Tel: 419-841-7774

Welding safety glasses

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AWSafetyRegistered has designed the Lexatrademark MinimizeRtrademark lens to prevent flash burn. Thin film technology is used to deposit a coating on the lens to reflect radiation, which not only helps protect against flash burn but keeps workers cool by reflecting infrared energy. The lenses feature a neutral color and a visible transmittance of 50%, allowing a good view of the work area. The lenses meet ANSI Z97.1 and CAN/CSA-Z94.3 standards.

Aearo Co.
Indianapolis, IN.
Tel: 800-225-9038
Fax: 800-488-8007

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