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Sept. 1, 2009
Generac® Power Systems, a manufacturer of standby and portable power generators, has launched a redesigned, customer-focused, interactive website.


Generac® Power Systems, a manufacturer of standby and portable power generators, has launched a redesigned, customer-focused, interactive website. The site is designed to educate a variety of audiences, including consumers, business owners, engineers, contractors and dealers, on the importance of reliable standby power generation. The site includes product descriptions and technical support, and can help customers select the generator that best fits their needs.
Generac® Power Systems Inc.
Waukesha, WI
Circle No. 238 on Reader Service Card

Hand tools

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Lowell Corp. has published a new catalog detailing its ratcheting hand tools. The catalog also features machine components to be specified by OEM designers. For water and sewer utility workers and those in the construction industry, the company makes a variety of heavy duty ratchet and socket wrenches that can handle all kinds of nuts found in water, oil, and gas pipeline work, and in hydrant maintenance and operation.
Lowell Corp.
Worchester, MA Tel: 800-456-9355 Web:
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Basins, structures

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Topp Industries has updated its website. The new site provides complete information on its polyethylene, structural foam and fiberglass basins, stainless steel guiderail sets, Freeflo Base Elbow Rail Systems, septic tank risers, covers and accessories, lift stations and landscape rocks. Basic installation guides, specification sheets, CAD drawings and literature are available.
Topp Industries Inc.
Rochester, IN
Tel: 800-354-4534
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Wireless communication

Over 200 new products are featured in B&B Electronics’ 2009 Q3 catalog, including Vlinx™ wireless device servers that provide Ethernet connectivity for automation applications. Connect remote serial devices to IEEE 802.11b/g networks with TCP server/client modes. The company’s products also include the Elinx™ Gigabit Ethernet media converters, plus software enhancements to their Zlinx™ wireless I/O line.
B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co.
Ottawa, IL
Tel: 800-346-3119
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Thermal control

Noren Products has launched its new website. The revamped site features products that solve thermal challenges for a variety of industries and applications, including wastewater pump stations. Products include compact cabinet coolers for electrical enclosures. The site features new product pages with photos, interactive product catalogs and application information.
Noren Products
Menlo Park, CA
Tel: 866-936-6736
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Universal Flow Monitors has released new literature describing its CoolPoint™ Totalizing Series vortex shedding flowmeters for measuring, monitoring, verifying and controlling flows of water and low-viscosity fluids. The flowmeters are presented in a new product bulletin and new installation/operation manual. The electronic flowmeters have no moving parts to stick or coat and can process water, coolant or fluids that may contain particles. The meters are offered in ¾", 1", 1 ½" and 2" pipe sizes for flows ranging from 25 to 200 gpm.
Universal Flow Monitors
Hazel Park, MI
Tel: 248-542-9635 Web:
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Water quality testing

Palintest has launched its new website, making it easier for customers to access detailed information on its range of analysis technologies. The new site offers news, instruction manuals and material safety data sheet downloads, as well as regularly updated technical product, reagent and ordering information. Users can find local US distributor contact information on the “Contact Us” page.
Palintest USA, a Halma Company
Erlanger, KY
Tel: 800-835-9629
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Reed’s new full-line catalog features new Combo Roll Groovers, Universal Pipe Cutters for steel pipe, large diameter ratchet wrenches, smooth jaw wrenches and pliers, power tapping and drilling machines, and PEX tools. Many Reed tools are proprietary. Why Reed? statements outline key competitive advantages of the company’s products.
Reed Manufacturing Co.
Tel: 814-452-3691
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Leak detection

Spectronics has published a six-page brochure on its Spectroline® leak detection products and diagnostic tools for industrial systems. Featured in the brochure are high-intensity corded UV lamps and the company’s new leak detection kits specially designed for the industrial market. Kits include the OPK-340 and the OPK-341. The OPK-340 kit is ideal for finding fluid leaks in pipelines, hydraulic equipment, compressors, turbines, engines, gearboxes, fuel systems and other oil and water-based systems.
Spectronics Corp.
Westbury, NY
Tel: 800-274-8888
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Chlorine monitoring

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In an effort to support companies that must comply with the EPA Ground Water Rule (GWR), Hach has released a video demonstrating use of the EPA-approved Hach CL17 Chlorine Analyzer for on-line chlorine monitoring. The video can be viewed at: In addition to requiring no calibration, the CL17 uses no-probe technology so there are no membranes to foul or replace. It provides static, accurate measurements of free or total chlorine.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224
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