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March 1, 2010
The Water Research Foundation has published research on the "Contribution of Service Line and Plumbing Fixtures to Lead and Copper Rule Compliance Issues" (Project #3018).

Lead line replacement

The Water Research Foundation has published research on the "Contribution of Service Line and Plumbing Fixtures to Lead and Copper Rule Compliance Issues" (Project #3018). The report is available as a free download from the foundation's website. It is designed to help utilities better understand water quality effects following a partial lead service line replacement. Researchers found that partially replacing lead service lines can lead to greater amounts of particulate lead at the tap, and that, if possible, it may be preferable to replace the entire service line.
Water Research Foundation
Denver, CO
Circle No. 252 on Reader Service Card

Pump information

Pump application and performance data is now available on a new USB Flash Drive from seepex. Known as seepex 4.0, the stick is configured with a 1GB embedded Website with a comprehensive menu. Tabs include market data and a complete seepex product catalog with detailed specifications, brochure downloads, sectional and dimensional drawings, performance curves, operating guidelines and maintenance tips. There are also technical articles, videos, and interactive calculators for pump performance, energy consumption, and friction loss.
seepex Inc.
Enon, OH
Tel: 937-864-7150
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Gas detection

General Monitors now offers its new IR4000 Multi-Point Combustible Gas Detection System Calibration Demo online. The new 3-D web demo takes users inside a gas compressor facility, shows the appropriate placement of the system's multiple IR400 Gas Detectors and explains how to gas check, zero and calibrate the system's multiple detectors. Just under five minutes in length, the demo provides step-by-step instructions. A single IR4000M Monitor connects as many as eight remote IR400 Detectors into a system configuration.
General Monitors
Lake Forest, CA
Tel: 800-330-9161
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Gas shutoff valves

Halogen Valve Systems has launched a new interactive web site. All of its Emergency Gas Shutoff, Instrument Power Supply and Gas Detector systems are shown with product descriptions, drawings and use instructions. The company's Duplex Model II control system quickly closes up to two Eclipse™ actuators on toxic gas cylinder and ton container valves when activated by panic buttons or remote gas sensors.
Halogen Valve Systems Inc.
Irvine, CA
Tel: 877-476-4222
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Fiberglass storage tanks

Containment Solutions has launched its new corporate website. The company offers underground fiberglass storage tanks, with 40 years experience and more than 300,000 tank installations. The tanks are designed to handle lubrication oils, water, wastewater and alternative biofuels, among other materials. Web users can rely on the new site to offer product information from sales brochures to installation instructions to CAD drawings for engineers and architects. The newest and possibly most important enhancement is the training section. Installing contractors will have a resource for situational installation methods as well as video tutorials for intricate and detailed procedures.
Containment Solutions Inc.
Conroe, TX
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Operations management

Invensys Operations Management, a provider of technology systems, software solutions and consulting services, has launched a new corporate website. The website features an integrated view of the company, with sections devoted to specific industries, solutions, products, and consulting and service offerings, along with customer and ecosystem partner support and training. The site is also home to 60 new customer success stories, as well as additional information on how the company's collaborative approach benefits customers. Featured brands include Foxboro®, Wonderware® and several others.
Invensys Operations Management
Plano, TX
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Data communication products

B&B Electronics' 2010 catalog showcases hundreds of new, industrial-grade, data communication products. The new Ilinx™ hardened converters and repeaters meet stringent IEC 61850-3 and IEEE1613 specifications for electrical substations. New Vlinx™ Ethernet to serial servers enable control of serial devices located virtually anywhere via TCP/IP or UDP/IP Ethernet connections. Also new to the January 2010 issue are a coaxial Ethernet extender and remote access modem, plus mini Ethernet serial servers, USB isolators and hubs, Fiber and USB converters, cellular routers, integrated controllers, LCD monitors, PC touch panels, and power supplies.
B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co.
Ottawa, IL
Tel: 800-346-3119
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Operator training

Longwatch has published a white paper that describes a new method for training operators to help them to better react to alarms and emergencies in the control room. The paper suggests that video recordings from the plant, video recordings of operator consoles, and data from plant historians can be combined to provide operators with an "instant replay" of their actions, or the actions of experienced operators faced with the same situation. Being able to reconstruct exactly what happened during an incident aids in troubleshooting, training and "operator tuning." The paper may be downloaded at
Longwatch Inc.
Norwood, MA
Tel: 781-255-7400
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Pump rental

Rain for Rent, a provider of liquid-handling systems for rent nationwide, has announced its newly enhanced online customer portal. The new customer portal allows customers to access their accounts through the company website, Customers can view account data, rental status, download invoice or equipment reports on demand, and set up report subscriptions in a variety of formats. The company offers specialized pumps, tanks, pipe, filtration and automation systems.
Rain for Rent
Bakersfield, CA Tel: 800-742-7246
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Electronic locks

Videx has released a new catalog that features its CyberLock electronic locks and intelligent padlocks. The free catalog includes an instructive CD on electronic lock and key technology. The company's locks bring electronic access control and auditing to mechanical lock hardware simply by removing a lock's cylinder and replacing it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. With over 200 lock cylinder designs available, the cylinders can be installed in lock hardware on everything from doors to cabinets to ATM machines and parking meters -- just about anywhere a lock is present. Installation does not require any wiring or structural changes.
Videx Inc.
Corvallis, OR
Tel: 541-758-0521
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Generator sizing software

Generac® Power Systems has introduced its new Power Design Pro software, a sizing and design program supporting both electrical and mechanical design. The software incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms that accurately model the load's true characteristics. This modeling includes full harmonic and transient analysis to ensure complete generator-to-load compatibility. The software also offers a one-stop solution center for the consulting engineer and offers specification sheets; installation drawings; emission information; sound data and calculator; gas and exhaust pipe sizing; decrement and damage curves; a specification text library with full inclusive design notes; and the ability to link directly to supporting dealers for budgetary quoting and additional support.
Generac Industrial Power
Waukesha, WI
Tel: 888-436-3722
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