Feb. 1, 2007
The Flo Trend Retrofit Coalescing Media Pack is a newly available option for existing oil/water separators.

Oil/water separators

The Flo Trend Retrofit Coalescing Media Pack is a newly available option for existing oil/water separators. The design will allow for custom fit pre-made coalescing media to be placed inside an existing unit. The TPL Phase 3 Coalescing Pack provides optimum phase separation. The media has a large oleophilic surface area that attracts oil droplets creating larger droplets that rise quickly and increase phase separation.

Flo Trend Systems
Houston, TX Tel: 800-762-9893

Data management

The new Operator10® v8.16 data management software upgrade can be set up for single, multi-user or client server, for any plant or treatment facility. The software was designed to enable users to streamline processes, standardize company data and concentrate information in one location for easy access, entry and manipulation. The applications are network ready, using an SQL database.

AllMax Software Inc.
Kenton, OH
Tel: 800-670-1867 Web:

Calibration pump

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East Hills Instruments, manufacturer of the Magnum Pro line of calibration equipment, now offers the MVP-600, a pneumatic hand pump. The calibration pumps can be used throughout the water and sewerage treatment industry for calibrating gauges and transmitters in the field.

East Hills Instruments
New York, NY
Tel: 516-621-6664

Restrained flange adapter

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The Megaflange Series 2100 restrained flange adapter from EBAA Iron is an on-site fabrication tool for pipeline installations that is generous in its deflection limits. It saves time and is field adaptable (pipe may be cut to length at the job site). It provides joint deflection up to 5o depending on pipe size, and it can be used on ductile iron, PVC and steel pipe.

Eastland, TX
Tel: 800-433-1716

Data acquisition

Labtronics Device Integration Group has introduced Collect version 6.0 Data Acquisition and Integration Control software for Windows® 2000, Windows® XP Professional or the new Windows® Vista Ultimate. The software provides a direct connection between instruments and devices with serial RS232 or TCP/IP Ethernet ports and interfaces them to any Windows program that requires their results such as Excel®, Database Applications, Files, or Data Management systems.

Guelph, ON
Tel: 519-767-1061

Turbine flow meters

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Blancett Turbine Flow Meter Repair Kits are designed for use with Blancett meters or similar designs. The Repairs Kits are used with its Model 1100 Turbine Flow Meter, as well as the Quik Sert, FloClean, Multi-Jet, and Impeller type flow meters. The kits are intended for abrasive waterflood projects and hostile industrial use, but their performance in conventional applications is exceptional.

Blancett Flow Meters, a Div. of Racine Federated
Racine, WI
Tel: 800-235-1638

Gas detector

Draeger Safety has introduced the X-am 2000, a light-weight personal gas monitor for testing 1 to 4 gases and vapors such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and a combustible gas. There are three different types of warnings built into the detector: an audible multi-tone alarm, a visual 180 degree alarm, and a built-in vibrating alarm.

Draeger Safety
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-787-8383

Flowmeter calibration, repair

Flow Technology Inc., a manufacturer of flow measurement instruments, systems and calibrators, has opened a new flowmeter calibration, service & repair center. The facility is equipped with one of the industry’s largest selections of primary standard flow calibrators. The center, located at the company’s new headquarters, can calibrate almost all types of industrial flow measurement devices, including turbine, coriolis, positive displacement and variable area meters.

Flow Technology Inc.
Tempe, AZ
Tel: 866-910-3569

MBR system

The Kruger NEOSEP Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) has received acceptance from the California Department of Health Services as an acceptable filtration technology for compliance with the State of California Water Recycling Criteria (Title 22). For MBR technology to achieve Title 22 approval, the filtered effluent should not exceed a turbidity of 0.2 NTU for more than 5 percent of the time during a 24-hour period and should not exceed a turbidity of 0.5 NTU at anytime.

I. Kruger Inc.
Cary, NC
Tel: 919-677-8310

Hydrant tagging system

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Assured Flow’s Hydra-Tag is a custom tagging system for hydrants. This durable identification system is made from corrosion resistant brass. Custom numbering and lettering are now available on any size order. The tags attach securely to bolts on a hydrant for a virtually tamper proof installation. The tags can also be used on valves, pumps, backflow preventers and other equipment.

Assured Flow Sales Inc.
Sarasota, FL Tel: 800-388-0678 Web:

Underdrain filter block

Severn Trent Services has introduced the Tetra® Snap TTM Underdrain Filter Block, which features a new design incorporating interlocking blocks that promote stability of the block position during backwash procedures. The blocks are equipped with a snap-locking mechanism which interconnects a row of underdrain blocks, substantially limiting the movement of the blocks during backwash by providing the weight of the entire row to counteract the upward forces of the backwash.

Severn Trent Services
Fort Washington, PA

Coating inspection training

KTA-Tator Inc. Training and Education Services is now recognized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for three of their training offerings: Basic Coatings Inspection (2.4 CEUs); Management of Coating Failures (1.6 CEUs); and Testing of Aged Concrete (1.6 CEUs). IACET sets the standard for courses that are taught using methods that work effectively with adults, for courses that deliver specific, measurable learning outcomes, and for courses that are logically developed and carefully assessed. In addition to the improvement of curricula and course delivery, compliance with IACET requires the protection of privacy for each trainee’s records.

KTA-Tator Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-788-1300

Bag filter

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The MaxilineTM MBF HD Multi-Bag Filter Housing from Eaton has been designed for cost sensitive, high flow rate liquid filtration applications. Processes with flow rates up to 4500 gallons per minute can now take advantage of all the benefits offered by a bag filtration system’s low cost filter media, high dirt holding capacity, and inexpensive disposal costs for used media. The housing features a hand-wheel operated davit cover.

Eaton Filtration LLC
Elizabeth, NJ Tel: 908-787-1000 Web:

Chemical monitoring

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The Solo XT® Chemical Monitoring System from Force Flow shows users exactly how much chemical remains in a tank or cylinder. The system features keypad control, extra large display characters, 4-20 mA output, bar graph display and an alarm relay. Two standard C cell batteries power the system for up to one year.

Force Flow
Concord, CA Tel: 800-893-6723 Web:

Gas detection, monitoring

Industrial Scientific, a provider of gas detection and monitoring instruments, systems and related services, has announced its 2007 Training Central course schedule. The program includes several new face-to-face training programs as well as Web-based training initiatives. The courses were designed from direct customer feedback with the goal of assisting users with the key issues they face in managing a gas monitor program.

Industrial Scientific Corp.
Oakdale, PA
Tel: 800-338-3287

Sump pump

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Vertiflo Pump offers the Series 900 Industrial Vertical Immersion Vortex Sump Pump for service in industrial and municipal applications. Applications include chemical slurries, sewage and wastewater treatment. The series pumps offer heads to 170 feet and temperatures to 350° F. They are designed for dirty pumping services with minimal maintenance and are built for pit depths up to 26 feet deep with flows to 1600 gpm.

Vertiflo Pump Co.
Cincinnati, OH
Tel: 513-530-0888

Compressed air meter

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Dwyer Instruments has released its new Series CAM Digital Compressed Air Meter. The meter detects leaks in compressed air systems by using the calorimetric measuring principle. Monitoring compressed air is essential to evaluating tool and equipment efficiency, as well as ensuring longevity.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan City, IN
Tel: 800-872-9141

Peristaltic pump

Larox Flowsys has introduced the new LPP-D peristaltic pump in ½, ¾" and 1" sizes for the water and wastewater market. The flow rate of ½" = 2.6 gpm, ¾" = 4.4 gpm and 1" = 8.8 gpm. The Patent Pending pumps incorporate a completely different rolling design than any other peristaltic pump on the market. The pump has the highest flow per compression of any peristaltic pump, enabling smaller pump selection. The low-friction roller design compresses the hose only once per revolution, which provides for 2x-5x the hose life vs. conventional hose pumps. In addition, it maintains the lowest glycerin consumption of any peristaltic pump (96% less).

Larox Flowsys Inc.
Linthicum, MD
Tel: 410-636-2250

Vertical pump

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The Moyno® Vertical Pump is ideal for a variety of applications in which space is a premium. Its compact, vertical, close-coupled design fits in confined areas and can be flange mounted to closed tanks or affixed to mounting beams above open tanks. With its inlet submerged, the pump pulls fluid from the bottom of the storage vessel and discharges it out at the surface for further processing. The Vertical Pump is ideal for low NPSH applications such as digested sludge and wet pits in municipal wastewater treatment.

Moyno Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966.

Diaphragm pump

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The Abel Electro-Mechanical Membrane, Positive Displacement Pump (Model EM) is energy efficient, seal-less, self-priming, capable of running dry and has a linear performance curve over its entire performance range. The pumps are offered with pressures up to 90 psi and capacities up to 275 gpm. Their small footprint allows for installation in tight spots. They are suitable for transfer of DAF sludge, primary sludge, clarifier underflow and filter press feed. The pumps are available in seven sizes in aluminum, nodular cast iron, stainless steel or plastic wet ends.

Abel Pumps, L.P.
Sewickley, PA
Tel: 412-741-3222

Pressure sensors

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American Sensor Technologies has introduced a new line of Media Isolated Submersible Pressure Sensors - the Models AST4500 and AST4510. These units are intended for use in intrinsically safe IS areas when used with an approved entity barrier. Constructed of all stainless steel, the sensors are approved to UL/cUL 913 (CSA) Class 1 Div 1, Groups C and D. In addition, each sensor holds a CE Approval of EN 61326.

American Sensor Tech.
Mt. Olive, NJ
Tel: 973-448-1901

Belt filter press

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TEFSA-USA has introduced the high-pressure TEFSA BSPP belt press line to the North American municipal marketplace. Filter cake dryness ranges from 20 to 42% dependent on the wastewater treatment plant sludge type. More than 2,500 installed municipal units are in operation around the world. The presses can be fully automated to run continuously 24-7, practically unattended. Featuring wedge zone design, oversized rollers and bearings, and providing a 20% increase in the useful filtration area due to a post pressing module with six additional rollers, they are ideal for wastewater treatment plants with high sludge volume.

Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 800-269-4098

Water quality sampling

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Koraleen Enterprises has been manufacturing simple, low maintenance, secure water quality sampling stations for over 17 years. Its Station Guard XLT is designed for warm climates, while its Kor-Cold is designed to endure freezing climates using a dry barrel system with bury depths of 1 to 8 feet. Both units’ housing and hinge free lids are constructed of aluminum.

Koraleen Enterprises
Escondido, CA
Tel: 760-743-0407

Chemical storage tanks

Poly Processing has received NSF/ANSI 61 certification for chemical storage tanks. The company sought NSF certification to meet the growing concerns of its customers who store corrosive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda and sulfuric acid. Poly Processing’s signature tank system, the OR-1000TM, has met the requirements of NSF Standard 61 for storage of 31 different chemicals at maximum use levels. Products manufactured at all three of the company’s facilities have met this rigorous standard. Storage tanks manufactured by Poly Processing for use in drinking water and food applications have been certified by NSF since July 2005.

Poly Processing Co.
Monroe, LA
Tel: 318-343-7565 Web:

Elastomeric expansion Joints

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Garlock Sealing Technologies recently introduced the 104GS General Service Elastomeric Expansion Joints. The joints feature a Neoprene tube and cover that offer excellent chemical and abrasion resistance while also protecting the carcass from many environmental elements. The joints are reinforced by a combination of nylon fabric and carbon steel body wire, allowing the product to withstand significant operating pressures.

Garlock Sealing Technologies
Palmyra, NY

Turbine flowmeters

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The Hoffer CAT Series of flow electronics is a new compact design of flow conditioners, amplifiers, and transmitters for use in combination with Hoffer turbine flowmeters. This trio of microprocessor-based devices is capable of providing signal conditioning and amplification, as well as signal transmission depending on customer needs.

Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.
Elizabeth City, NC
Tel: 800-628-4584

Inline filters

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Schroeder Industries has introduced a new line of inline filters for the process industry. Depending on filter element selections, the inline filters are rated from 3 to 3,000 microns. Various types of media are available on the replaceable elements for inline filters, ranging from pleated synthetic glass fiber and Dutch weave wire mesh for finer filtrations to square hole wire mesh and slotted tube for coarser filtration applications. A number of these media types are cleanable and reusable. Inline filters are available in simplex or duplex models and come in a variety of housing materials and coatings. The duplex design allows continuous operation since one filter element may be isolated and serviced while the system is fully operational.

Schroeder Industries
Leetsdale, PA
Tel: 724-318-1100

H2S sensor

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Sierra Monitor has released the new 4501-05, a 2-Wire Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor Module. Two-wire, loop powered gas detectors provide the user with lower cost and easier installation and maintenance. This eliminates the need for separate power runs and associated power distribution and circuit protection for each device. The sensor module features a 180 day (six-month) calibration interval and is FM approved. Non-intrusive calibration is matched with an integral scrolling menu-driven LCD display for easy access to gas status, calibration information and diagnostics.

Sierra Monitor Corp.
Milpitas, CA
Tel: 800-727-4377

Gas detector

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The MSA Orion®plus Detector combines the features of the Orion Multigas Detector with a range of infrared (IR) and toxic sensor options. The company’s IR sensor delivers stable readings in environments with challenging temperature and humidity effects. The detector offers standard datalogging, internal pump and rechargeable NiMH or disposable alkaline battery packs, plus one-hand operation and a compact, robust design.

Pittsburgh, PA

Wastewater treatment

Omni Environmental Systems of Falmouth, MA, and Lombardo Associates Inc. have teamed to provide turnkey design, build and operate services for LAI’s NitrexTM advanced nitrogen removal system. They will target engineers, owners and municipalities on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. With LAI’s NitrexTM and OMNI’s RSF System, and other technologies where appropriate, effluent Total Nitrogen (TN) levels of <5 mg/l have been achieved. The teaming arrangement provides customers with a single source for financial and technical responsibility, and long term local on-going maintenance for a complete advanced wastewater system.

Lombardo Associates Inc.
Newton, MA
Tel: 617-964-2924

Centrifugal pumps

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Wanner Engineering has introduced the Stan-Cor “MK” Series non-metallic centrifugal pumps. Designed to pump the harshest chemicals, these ANSI sealless pumps offer maximum chemical resistance and feature hydraulically balanced operation to reduce bearing failures by eliminating thrust loads. They are easy to assemble, and are available in three sizes with 60Hz operation at up to 3500 rpm and 330 gpm, and 50Hz operation at up to 2900 rpm and 62 M3/H. The MK Series pump casing is constructed of carbon fiber filled Kynar, which eliminates permeation problems common to lined metal casings. Chemical resistant, glass filled case and flange supports provide durability compared with painted metal pumps.

Wanner Engineering Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Tel: 612-332-5681

Water level logger

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Levelogger Gold is the next generation of Solinst Levelogger®. It offers higher resolution and accuracy of 0.05%, and has improved transducer, temperature, and clock accuracies. Battery life is 10-years, even with recordings every minute. Memory is 40,000 readings of pressure and temperature, displayed as temperature compensated level. The stainless steel housing protects against lightning and power surges and the golden Zirconium Nitride coating gives extra corrosion resistance.

Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, ON Tel: 905-873-2255 Web:

Hydraulic modeling

With Bentley SCADAConnect, engineers and water modelers can link Bentley WaterGEMS or WaterCAD with Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, creating real-time system simulators that boost confidence in hydraulic models as reliable decision-support tools. The SCADA system provides real-time data from infrastructure in the field.

Level, temperature monitoring

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YSI’s new Level ScoutTM product provides level and temperature measurements in a submersible instrument. It is suited for use in monitoring wells for long-term groundwater studies or aquifer testing, for surface water monitoring for watershed management and in gauging stations. The gauge is available in absolute or vented level, housed in a stainless steel or titanium housing, with 2- or 4-Mb memory. Data ScoutTM desktop software is include and handles real-time data from a network of up to 16 level transducers. An internal field-replaceable battery powers the transducer and provides years of data-logging capabilities for long-term measurements.

YSI Inc.
Yellow Springs, OH
Tel: 800-897-4151

Factory-built pump stations

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Engineered Fluid Inc. offers factory-built pump station packages that include custom enclosures. The company has the capacity to include hip and gable roofs and various exterior finish products including simulated offset brick and split block. The pictured station sits in a Smokey Mountain Resort and was factory-built to match the other site-built buildings.

Engineered Fluid Inc.
Centralia, IL
Tel: 618-533-1351

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