Highly intelligent toxic gas detector receives ATEX approval for European use

Sept. 29, 2005
Unit from General Monitors has applications in chemical, food processing, mining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, sewers and wastewater markets...

LAKE FOREST, CA, Sept. 28, 2005 -- Offering protection against a wide range of hazardous industrial gases, as well as oxygen deficiency, the TS4000 intelligent toxic gas detector from General Monitors has received ATEX approval for use in potentially explosive environments classified as EEx d mb IIC (-40°C < Ta < +75°C), the company announced Sept. 22.

The toxic gas detector's sophisticated design offers many advanced features, including long distance remote mounting up to 2,000 feet, dual redundant MODBUS communications, 8 amp relays, three-digit display, 4-20mA output, and indication of remaining sensor life. All of the electronics are contained within an explosion-proof housing so that sensor information can be processed at the sensor site. Additionally, the interface module's galvanically-isolated, intrinsically-safe design supports sensor field replacement without special tools or hot work permits.

Easy to install, the unit features one-person calibration and can virtually self-calibrate by activating a magnetic switch and applying gas. Process engineers who need to protect people and equipment will find that the detector is ideal for chemical, oil/gas, wastewater and other hazardous environments. Additional applications include public utilities, refineries, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

The TS4000 monitors a variety of toxic gases in the parts per million (ppm) range, including: ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen deficiency, ozone, and sulfur dioxide. The system displays gas concentrations up to 500 ppm, fault codes for troubleshooting, prompts when calibration is needed, and provides complete status to the control room. Additionally, the unit simplifies operation and maintenance and reduces downtime by providing remaining sensor life indication.

The TS4000 utilizes an intelligent microprocessor-based design in an explosion-proof housing. This 24 VDC-powered toxic gas detector is comprised of a base unit, sensor housing with interface module and electrochemical sensor. The interface module processes information at the sensor site and communicates detected gas values to the base unit for data control and display. By combining explosion-proof certification with intrinsically safe inputs, the TS4000 provides high performance in hazardous locations. It can also be used for general-purpose, non-hazardous applications.

Founded in 1961, General Monitors (www.gmitoxics.com) is a leading-edge manufacturer of combustible gas, toxic gas and flame detection monitoring products of the highest quality. The company has been third-party certified to ISO 9001:2000 requirements. Corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, Calif., comprise a modern engineering design center, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service complex. A facility in Galway, Ireland, supports the EU with engineering design, R&D and manufacturing. Sales and service offices are maintained in Houston, Texas, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.


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