Sensus increases presence in gas, water markets

Oct. 28, 2005
The metering systems makers' FixNet line offers accuracy, efficiency. Munford, Tenn., taps the product line for a water-gas system...

FOREST HILLS, PA, Oct. 28, 2005 -- Providers in the water and gas utility industries are displaying rapid acceptance of Sensus Metering Systems' FixNet product line, resulting in the company's increased presence in both markets.

Heightened attention by Sensus to offer utility providers with the most accurate and efficient equipment available is netting tangible results. Since introducing the FixNet system to the market, the company has installed it in 14 water utilities throughout North America and is expected to have over 85,000 transmitters installed by the end of the year.

And, growth is occurring in the combo utility market, as well. Munford, Tenn., recently tapped the product line for a water-gas system. "After looking at AMR systems for several years, we concluded that the Sensus FixNet system will provide the opportunity to improve overall operational efficiency. The FixNet system will provide the City with the ability to reduce meter reading time from the current 15 days to a one day operation," states city manager Neal Hunter. In addition, the city is expecting to make better use of the existing labor force which typically had to be pulled from other operations to read meters. Munford will be deploying 7,000 FixNet gas transmitters and 4,000 water transmitters with installation to be completed by the middle of 2006.

"We are extremely excited that the City of Munford has selected the FixNet for its water and gas accounts. We believe this is the first in many combination utility projects regarding FixNet" states Tom Galuska, marketing manager for AMR. "It's gaining momentum in the market as utilities are realizing the benefits of deploying the system. FixNet offers minimal infrastructure, reliability and accuracy that utilities are seeking".

The system remotely transmits gas and water readings back to the utility office providing necessary data while enhancing efficiency within the utility. It provides long range coverage with minimal infrastructure resulting in lower overall deployment costs, reliability and accuracy.

Sensus Metering Systems ( is a leading worldwide provider of water, gas, electric and heat meters, clamp and coupling products, and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Systems for utilities.


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