Serbian brewer to improve operations with U.S. biogas cover technology

June 25, 2015
Industrial and Environmental Concepts has announced that its biogas cover technology will be installed at the Molson Brewery in Serbia.

LAKEVILLE, MN, June 25, 2015 -- Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC), a specialist in the design, fabrication and installation of industrial cover and liner systems, has announced that its biogas cover technology will be installed at the Molson Brewery in Serbia.

IEC was issued the contract from the general contractor and engineering firm, Global Water Engineering (GWE). The contract is a joint effort of both companies to design, supply and install a gas collection system to serve Molson's expanded anaerobic treatment process.

The U.S. materials and pre-fabricated panels will be exported to Serbia, where they will be installed by local Serbian labor and skilled tradesman under IEC and GWE's supervision.

The insulated gas collection cover will capture biogas from the brewery waste stream for reuse. The cover system is scheduled to be operational in September, 2015. This project represents the first time the two international water companies have worked together.

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About Industrial and Environmental Concepts

Industrial and Environmental Concepts is a designer, manufacturer and installer of floating covers used in water treatment. The company covers are used worldwide for applications including anaerobic biogas systems, odor control, heat retention, and wastewater treatment for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications. IEC was established in 1993 with headquarters and a fabrication facility located in Lakeville, Minn. For more information, visit

About Global Water Engineering

Global Water Engineering is a group of companies specialized in industrial wastewater treatment, water recycling, digestion of biomass, sludge and slurries, biogas production and use. Its main expertise, based on 30 years of practical experience, lies in the biological treatment of medium and high strength organic wastewater by anaerobic and/or aerobic processes. For more information, visit


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