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Sept. 1, 2012
Show promotions: Company Showcase

Show promotions: Company Showcase

Quality management in industrial applications

Toro Equipment is a leading European company specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment for industrial and urban wastewater treatment, water processing, water reuse and sludge treatment.

Toro Equipment designs and manufacturers all the equipment for the wastewater treatment in our product ranges. Defender® brand pretreatment equipment, Fatflot® brand grease separation equipment, Anaconda® brand dissolved air flotation equipment, Sludgeway® brand sludge thickening equipment and Draco® brand sludge dehydration equipment.

We offer our customers the best water treatment solutions, based on more than 20 years' experience in the design and manufacture of equipment, as well as commissioning.

www.toroequipment.com WEFTEC Booth: 1609

Membranes made in Germany

MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH with locations in Europe, Asia and the USA is the leading independent manufacturer of micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration membranes and modules. As this will remain our core competence in the future, we pursue very intensive research and development activities at our Wiesbaden/Germany location.

For more than 45 years our products have been used in various industrial and municipal applications, among others in the field of water and wastewater treatment but also in many process-integrated applications.

One of our most innovative products is the immersed BIO-CEL® module for membrane bioreactors. The BIO-CEL® is a back washable module that integrates the advantages of flat-sheet membranes with the packing density of hollow-fibers, which facilitates a multitude of application possibilities in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

www.microdyn-nadir.com WEFTEC Booth: 3757

Energy producing wastewater

Emefcy's technology transforms wastewater treatment plants from cost to profit centers by addressing the two most costly operational expenses: energy and sludge. Rather than consume electricity to treat industrial wastewater, our EBR (electrogenic bioreactor) uses microbial fuel cell technology to produce electricity. Our SABRE (Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor) passive-aeration treatment process is also significantly more energy efficient than alternative approaches. Emefcy's Electrogenic Bio Reactors (EBR) is unique compared to other wastewater treatment processes. Our EBR is based on three components new to biological wastewater treatment: anodes (in anaerobic conditions) - where the bacterial oxidation of the organic matter occurs; cathodes (which are exposed to air) - where the corresponding reduction reaction takes place and an electrical circuit that includes the external load, connecting the anodes to the cathodes.

www.emefcy.com WEFTEC Booth: 2252

Tough Couplings

Teekay Pipe Couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding. By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a Teekay Pipe Coupling; space, weight, time and cost savings are achieved with every installation. Teekay Couplings have been sold for over three decades to more than 85 countries worldwide for civil, water, oil & gas, marine, building service, process, automotive and countless other industrial projects for pipes between ¾" and 180" in diameter.

Teekay Couplings are suitable for pressure applications with ratings available up to 600 psi. We offer a full range of straight couplings, repair couplings, flange adaptors, dismantling joints, threaded and flanged branch connections, stepped couplings and reducers.

www.teekaycouplings.com WEFTEC Booth: 4100

Worldwide pumping solutions

Sulzer Pumps design, develop and supply pumping solutions and related equipment worldwide. Intensive research and development in fluid dynamics, process-oriented products and special materials as well as reliable service solutions help the company maintain its leading position in its focus market segments. Our customers come from the oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water and wastewater sectors, as well as from specialized areas in the general industry. The company has a network of 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide and sales offices and service centers in 150 locations globally. ABS, associated with innovation and well proven solutions for wastewater handling, is a product brand of Sulzer.

www.sulzer.com WEFTEC Booth: 7239

High head pumps

Selwood is the only UK Company that designs, manufactures, hires and sells a full range of pumps and is the leading Pump Hirer in the UK. Around 75% of Selwood's pump units are now exported from the UK through a worldwide distributor network. Building upon the company's market leading reputation, Selwood Pumps is dedicated to a programme of continuous improvement of its existing range of products as well as developing additional models as part of its on-going strategic pump programme, to meet the demands of the market.Selwood is redesigning its range of high head pumps. The new H100 was launched in 2010 and has been a success in both the UK and export markets.

www.selwood.co.uk WEFTEC Booth: 5757

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