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Aug. 1, 2015
Aimed to fulfill a wide range of customer requirements for leak detection in double containment piping systems, GF Piping Systems has announced a new product line featuring three leak detection systems.

Multiple leak detection system launch

Aimed to fulfill a wide range of customer requirements for leak detection in double containment piping systems, GF Piping Systems has announced a new product line featuring three leak detection systems. The new offering complements the company's double containment piping systems, which includes Fuseal Squared, PP, Contain-It and Double-See. Designed for wastewater treatment plants and buried applications, the new line includes the 918Q Alarm Box, the PAL-AT Continuous Cable System and the Low Point Leak Detection System.

In the event there is a leak, these detection systems can determine where the leak is and translating that information to facility personnel in a timely manner," said Terence Zhao, product manager of Engineered Piping Systems for GF Piping Systems. "With our three double containment piping systems, it just made sense to offer customers the convenience of buying a leak detection system when they buy one of our double containment systems."

For simple, low-cost leak detection requirements, the 918Q Alarm Box handles up to four sensor signals and features audible and visual alarm indicators.

Triple offset valve offers zero leakage

Pentair Valves & Controls has expanded its Vanessa Triple Offset Valves (TOVs) product line with the launch of the Series 30-RS. The new manual triple offset valve has been designed to address the need for zero leakage isolation in non-critical applications in the oil and gas and process industries.

The Vanessa 30-RS is specially designed for applications which require non-critical fluids isolation in lower pressure or temperature. Its safer bolted-on seat allows for true positive isolation when pressure is applied from the shaft side, minimising the risk of dangerous mechanical failure compared to other bolted-seat designs.

Achieving zero leakage tightness to API 598, the Vanessa Series 30-RS handles temperatures up to 350°C and pressures up to ASME class 300.

Submersible level transmitters

Cynergy3 Components' new ranges of submersible hydrostatic transducers for depth and level measurement applications are now available from RS Components. The complete line-up comprises three ranges; the ILS series, the ILLS series and the ILTS series.

The ILS series is a range of seven submersible level transmitters with depth ranges from 0-1mWG up to 0-100mWG. The ILLS series of ten transducers (five each with 4-20mA and 0.5-4.5V output versions) have a variety of standard depth ranges from 0-1mWG up to 0-10mWG.

The third series is the ILTS range; similar to the ILLS series but they also measure the temperature of the liquid they are immersed in, providing an additional 4-20mA output over the range of -20 to +60°C.

Saint-Gobain Tubing products

The Process Systems business unit of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has unveiled two high-precision tubing products that are designed to help improve purity, accuracy, high-lift performance and long pump life for water sampling and analysis.

Tygon SPT-60 L is a platinum-cured silicone tubing developed for accurate dosing in peristaltic pumps, offering sample integrity along with reliability and long-life performance in water sampling applications. Tygon SPT-60 L enables peristaltic pumps to have a suction capability of up to 29 feet, eliminating the need for a flooded suction and providing added flexibility during installation. Additionally, Tygon SPT-60 L is designed with chemical resistance to decrease the likelihood of leaching or absorption of chemicals.

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