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May 1, 2013
Compliation of product and news annoucements focused on sensors, monitors & meters

Direct mount wafer-cone flow meter

McCrometer said its Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter's new direct mount configuration minimizes installation labor while ensuring accuracy. Direct mounting the transmitter is said to eliminate impulse lines, which is designed to reduce potential leak points by more than 50%.

The meter is ideal for gas or liquid service in line sizes from 1 to 6 inches. The meter's flangeless design makes installation fast and easy, while the interchangeable cone offers flexibility to accommodate changing flow conditions without the need for recalibration. When flow conditions change over time, the cone can be removed and replaced with a cone at a different beta ratio eliminating the need to buy a new meter.

With no moving parts the manufacturer said its well suited for the following applications: natural gas wellheads, CO2 and water injection, gas lift, compressor anti-surge, fuel gas, separator discharge, biogas reactors, cooling systems, plant HVAC, process gas lines and more.

The Wafer-Cone Flow Meter's differential pressure sensing technology with built-in flow conditioning is said to greatly reduce the required straight pipe run for installation as compared with technologies such as orifice plates and venturi meters.

Dual Control Dosing Pump/Injection TDS/EC Controller (CIC-152)

HM Digital has introduced its new dual control pump/injection controller (model CIC-152). This new dual set point controller allows users to monitor and control TDS/EC levels within a specific range. The controller can be wired to activate a device such as a pump, solenoid valve, external light, etc. if the TDS/EC level rises above or falls below the user-defined maximum and minimum. There are also two independent maximum and minimum warning alarm settings independent of the control points. Additionally the controller will display a green, red or yellow light to indicate the TDS level in relation to the control points. The CIC-152 has a range of 0-9999 µS (0-5000 ppm), on-screen temperature display, automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and a bright, tri-color LED display.

Single point insertion electro-magnetic flowmeter

Singer Valve recently joined forces with McCrometer to introduce the first Single Point Insertion Electro-Magnetic flowmeter. The Singer Model 106-SPI-MV can be used with the metering valve as a standalone option or built into a 106-2SC-PCO pilot system to provide complete flow-based valve control.

The SPI-MV has been flow profiled and tested in McCrometer NIST traceable flow laboratory and is guaranteed accurate to the 2% of reading throughout the specified velocity range. As it has already been profiled to match the Singer valve it works right out of the box.

The insertion probe extends into the flow stream, in one of the valve inlet connections and protrudes into the valve, equivalent to 1/8 of the valve diameter size. The bullet nose profile, eliminates clogging or build up and as a single piece design with no moving parts, the SPI-MV sensor contains nothing to wear or break.

Engineered polymer E-Series ultrasonic meter

Badger Meter has expanded its E-Series Ultrasonic Meter offering with the addition of the new Cold Water Engineered Polymer Meters available in two initial sizes: 5/8 inch x 3/4 inch and 3/4 inch. Constructed using a lead-free, engineered polymer housing and an engineered polymer and stainless steel metering insert, the meters are designed to provide a lower cost alternative to the Stainless Steel E-Series Meters for residential and commercial water metering applications.

The E-Series Meter employs solid-state electronic technology in a totally encapsulated, weatherproof and UV-resistant housing to provide long-term, highly accurate flow measurement for utilities. Using high frequency sound waves to measure flow, the E-Series Ultrasonic Meter has no moving parts, eliminating measurement errors due to sand, suspended particles and pressure fluctuations.

QDOS range for chemical metering applications

Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has launched its Qdos 30 pump range designed to eliminate ancillary equipment and reduces chemical waste through more accurate, linear, and repeatable metering than typical solenoid or stepper driven diaphragm metering pumps. The Qdos 30 delivers 5,000:1 flow from 0.002 to 8.0 GPH at 100 PSI while integrating easily through IP66 manual, analog, and PROFIBUS control options. Featuring patented ReNu pumphead technology, Qdos 30 is fully sealed.

The manufacturer said the Qdos 30 pumps boost process efficiency by providing accurate, linear and repeatable flow performance from 0.002 to 8.0 GPH at 100 PSI, even when metering difficult fluids when pressure, viscosity and solids content vary. There are no seals or valves in the flow path to clog, leak or corrode.

This means that fluids that are caustic, abrasive, viscous, shear-sensitive, gaseous, are slurries or contain suspended solids, can be safely and securely handled. Advanced control features include fluid level monitoring, fluid recovery, line priming and intuitive flow calibration.

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