Tech Update: Pumps & Valves

June 1, 2016
Xylem has launched the Lowara 1300 Series, a new range of submersible pumps specifically designed for sewage and surface water operations in commercial building, light industrial and municipal applications.

New Lowara 1300 series submersible pumps

Xylem has launched the Lowara 1300 Series, a new range of submersible pumps specifically designed for sewage and surface water operations in commercial building, light industrial and municipal applications. The new range is available with both non-clog and vortex impellers to enable ideal specification for applications, such as sewage and surface wastewater pumping for the commercial building sector. Non-clog impellers feature a rip vane on the back edge for removing stringy solids, and has auto-cleanse capabilities that prevent debris buildup - common in sewage applications. Reduction in this buildup improves product efficiency, reduces energy consumption, downtime and maintenance, and extends the life of the pump. The Lowara 1300 Series has a minimum of F-class insulation.

Hybrid chemical metering pump for high pressures

Blue-White’s all New Proseries-M MD-3 Chemical Metering Pump has been designed for the treatment of municipal water and wastewater. The Hybrid MD-3 Diaphragm Metering Pump has 2000:1 turndown, and provides smooth chemical dosing with no pulsation dampener required. With 380 strokes per minute, the pump is built to provide long service life at high pressures and no pressure regulator is needed. The patent pending design is 50% more energy efficient than similar units now on the market, the company claimed. Straightforward all inclusive ordering: A single model includes all necessary components for installation. And the drop-in-place design of the MD-3, along with conveniently built-in controls, make installation and set-up fast and efficient.

Spin-on filters to protect pumps, valves & compressors

Power management company Eaton has launched its line of spin-on filters that protect pumps, valves, compressors and hydraulic systems from contamination as per ISO 2941, ISO 3723 and ISO 2942. They provide trouble-free operation for power generation, oil and gas, construction, forestry, mining and material handling markets. Eaton’s spin-on filters feature cartridges that are engineered to fit into many leading filter systems on the market. The product line includes an extensive range of sizes, ratings and material for hydraulic, lubrication and other fluid applications.

Modular Ex-Program for solenoid valves

The new Ex-product range for solenoid valves is a modular coil and valve concept that fulfils all current requirements of the explosion protection standard EN 60079. The use of the new cable plug Type 2513 enables a versatile installation of the connection line. The cable plug with a moulded cable, certified after ATEX Cat. 3 GD EN 60079, withstands high pull-out forces and therefore offers a safe connection, with which a “fixed installation” all the way to the end device in the conduit or cable duct is not necessary. In the Zones 1 and 21 or in areas with especially aggressive ambient conditions the new epoxy resin encapsulated solenoid valve coil is used. The highly chemical resistant polyolefin cable is even suitable for use in outdoor areas or gas stations.

Ball check valves for challenging wastewater applications

Albion Valves (UK) Ball Check valve can be used for applications including sewage, drainage, storm water and industrial pumping. The design comprises of only one moving part and in water applications. In addition to the ‘non clog’ operation, the Ball Check valve operates with much less friction than a conventional disk sprung valve resulting in less wear and ultimately lower maintenance, the company said. The design allows the ball to rotate freely, so that with each motion the ball seats on a different portion of its surface. This results in even wear across the ball’s whole exterior, preventing excessive deterioration in one specific place and therefore promoting a longer life.

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