McCrometer's electronic register becomes valuable option for Water Specialties Propeller Meter applications

March 1, 2002
McCrometer has incorporated an advanced version of the Electronic Register to its line of Water Specialties Propeller Meters for water and wastewater applications.

HEMET, Calif., Feb. 26, 2002 -- McCrometer has incorporated an advanced version of the Electronic Register to its line of Water Specialties Propeller Meters for water and wastewater applications.

The Electronic Register option provides a host of engineering, safety and convenience features that make the Water Specialties Propeller Meter one of the most revolutionary flow measurement devices available today.

As many flowmeters are installed in underground vaults or other enclosed spaces, gathering meter readings can sometimes become a hazardous task. McCrometer?s Electronic Register can be mounted externally up to 50 feet away enabling remote readings and alleviating the risk of chemical and natural gas inhalation due to chamber enclosure leaks.

This feature also speeds up the process of taking readings. The Electronic Register lessens the need for mechanical components normally associated with a standard, mechanical register. A large number of these parts are eliminated as the Electronic Register only needs a sensor behind the meter?s drive magnet to transmit signals making it more reliable and cost-effective. Another advantage is the eradication of friction traditionally caused by additional gears and parts, allowing for precise readings at much lower flow rates.

This increases the range over which the meter can accurately measure, thus optimizing the meter's turndown or rangeability.

The Electronic Register features a non-volatile memory and its lithium battery has a life expectancy of four years. When the battery is removed, the register retains the totalized flow and programming information in its memory. The register is capable of displaying both rate and total flow on a two-line LCD display and can be re-programmed in the field. Customers are also offered an optional 4-20mA add-on module to send a flow signal to controllers.

The module includes an optically-isolated transistor pulse output for totalization. The rugged design allows the flowmeter to be used in applications that carry suspended solids and other debris without damaging the meter or affecting its accuracy. It also makes an ideal retrofit into existing metering systems. The meter can be installed vertically, horizontally or inclined, with sizes ranging from 2" to 120". It offers +2% of true flow accuracy and repeatability of +.25% over a flow range of up to 35 to 200,000 GPM.

McCrometer, headquartered in Hemet, California, has over 40 years of flow measurement experience in municipal, industrial and agricultural markets.

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