New portable gas detector receives CE Marking

March 25, 2002
Now with CE Marking, the G20 and G40 Portable Gas Detectors from General Monitors are used for personal safety monitoring.

LAKE FOREST, Calif. Now with CE Marking, the G20 and G40 Portable Gas Detectors from General Monitors are used for personal safety monitoring.

A compact design featuring full-sized electrochemical cells for optimal personal safety, the robust G-series simultaneously monitors from one to four toxic gases, including oxygen deficiency and combustible gas.

CE Marking for the G20 and G40, which has been on the American market for one year, was awarded in March. This standard is mandatory and reflects European consumer protection and safety standards. The G20 and G40 are now approved for use in Europe and other countries that require the CE Marking certification.

Enclosed in a rugged, custom-formulated, stainless steel filled and polypropylene housing, the G-series is highly resistant to impact and chemical exposure. A 10-hour minimum NiMH battery is standard for prolonged projects. Easy to use and set-up, the G-series offers reliable personal protection right out of the box. The large, easy-to-read, display is particularly useful in confined spaces where personal maneuverability may be difficult. A reversible LCD display flips 180 degrees for reading ease in either a hand-held or belt-worn position. In the event of a hazardous gas condition, the unit notifies the user with a 90-decibel audible, flashing LED alarm and LCD display.

A highly intelligent Operating System offers simple menu-driven screens for ease of use. Using the G-Series datalogger, a Microsoft(registered) Windows(trademark) compatible datalogging software package, and an RS-232 connector on the battery charger, the G-Series offers seamless data downloads of up to 28,000 records (about 110 hours) to a personal computer. Both models feature a programmable alarm set point for gas readings, time weighted average (TWA) and short-term exposure limit (STEL). Integrated into the intelligent Operating System, multi-lingual options communicate in English, Spanish or French.

With detection capabilities of one to four toxic gases, depending on the model, both units' full-sized electrochemical cells are interchangeable with General Monitors' Model TS400 fixed toxic gas detector. Detectable gases include: Carbon monoxide (0-1000 ppm), Chlorine (0-20 ppm), Chlorine dioxide (0-6 ppm), Combustible (100% LEL- 0-5% v/v methane), Hydrogen sulfide (0-100 ppm), Nitric oxide (0-100 ppm), Nitrogen dioxide (0-20 ppm), Sulfur dioxide (0-100 ppm), Oxygen deficiency (0-25% volume).

The G-Series is suitable for applications in: chemical plants, electric utilities, underground tunnels, confined spaces, construction, mining, oil/gas production, refineries, telecommunications, wastewater treatment, and fire service. Both portable gas detector models are designed to meet IP65 standards for moisture and dust resistance. Other universal product approvals include UL, CUL, and CENELEC (MSHA pending).

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