Osmonics Introduces E-Series Ozone Generator System

June 3, 2002
Ozone generator equipped with oxygen feed gas system delivers precise ozone output.

MINNETONKA, Minn., June 3, 2002 ? Ozone system users who need precise, stable ozone output can now have unequalled production consistency and reliability with the new E-Series ozone generator system from Osmonics, Inc. (NYSE: OSM). The E-Series ozone generator system incorporates a pre-engineered, pre-packaged feed gas system with the E-Series ozone generator to provide advanced feedback control capabilities that control ozone production to the nearest 0.3 percent of output.

Ideal for process water applications such as bottled water, pharmaceutical, and food processing, the Osmonics E-Series ozone generator system delivers virtually continuous linear output and control capability, ensuring more precise ozone production.

"Traditionally customers have been required to calculate the proper feed gas levels on their own, often resulting in wide ozone output variations and inconsistencies," said Dale Mork, Osmonics ozone specialist. "The advanced control and programming capabilities of the E-Series ozone generator system eliminates this difficult and time-consuming task, providing users with enhanced reliability and greater production accuracy."

With regulatory requirements calling for accurate ozone doses and contact times, customers are looking for products that can respond quickly and accurately to changes in ozone output. By improving ozone generation control and increasing the number of possible control steps from 16 to more than 300, customers are able to continuously monitor and adjust the level of ozone for an application, ensuring more precise dissolved ozone levels.

For customers demanding greater ozone production stability and efficiency, the E-Series ozone generator system exceeds the industry standard by allowing customers to produce high concentration ozone ? six to 10 percent by weight ? while efficiently producing up to three ppd (57 grams per hour) of ozone. A low operating cost is achieved by the system's high concentration output and low feed gas usage.

Unlike other systems that are often complicating to install, the E-Series ozone system only requires a source of power and compressed air to begin ozone production. This simplicity helps reduce installation time and costs.
All E-Series ozone generator systems are constructed at Osmonics' ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility in Minnetonka, Minn. For further information on Osmonics' E-Series ozone generator system, call (888) 898-6766 or (952) 933-2277; write to Osmonics, 5951 Clearwater Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55343-8995; or visit www.osmonics.com.

Osmonics is a leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of high-technology water purification and fluid filtration, fluid separation, and fluid handling equipment, as well as the replaceable components used in purification, filtration, and separation equipment. These products are used by a broad range of industrial, commercial, household and institutional customers. Osmonics is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OSM.

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