Guide offers help with managing hazardous wastes

Oct. 15, 2002
A new step-by-step guide is written to help business owners manage their hazardous wastes and stay within environmental compliance.

Oct. 15, 2002 -- A new step-by-step guide is written to help business owners manage their hazardous wastes and stay within environmental compliance.

The guide, entitled "Managing Your Hazardous Wastes: A Step-by-Step RCRA Compliance Guide, 2nd Edition," is written to help readers understand how to quickly and accurately identify the extensive, detailed, and complicated Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements that apply to a business' operations.

Featuring new compliance and training tips, this complete desk reference is easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. In plain English, it summarizes and explains the federal requirements and provides practical guidance for developing effective management programs that comply with those requirements.

It identifies what those requirements are for each type of hazardous waste generators and then walks you through the steps to compliance. Each step includes a straightforward explanation of the requirement and detailed annotations for easy cross referencing of the Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations parts that support each requirement.

A perfect companion to legal references on the RCRA regulations, Managing Your Hazardous Wastes provides you with practical guidance for everyday management and training issues. You will discover practical methods for determining what kind of wastes your facilities regulate and when a hazardous waste becomes regulated, identifying units and facilities that are exempt from RCRA permitting, and recognizing hazardous waste that qualifies for use as recyclable material.

This guide also provides detailed instructions for universal waste handlers, used oil handlers, and recyclers, and it includes general guidance for hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

This 2nd Edition also contains all the newest critical changes made to RCRA regulations. Including new exclusions, particularly for materials that can be recycled, including Universal Waste rules that streamline the waste handling requirements for batteries, pesticides, thermostats, and lamps, plus Used Oil Management Standards and Air Emissions Standards.

Each chapter links specific types of facilities with the requirements that affect them. In addition, insights, background information, real-world examples, helpful hints, and reminders appear throughout the book, making it the most accessible, practical reference available.

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